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Piracy on the rise with the ongoing transition to OTT Services

By: anita | Leave a comment | 12 July,2017

As per Time Warner’s quarterly earnings report in early May, investors took a blow with a 2% drop in TV network ad sales for Time Warner’s Turner division and video head counts from multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) during Q1. Phenomena like these are connected to the paradigm shift from traditional pay TV to over-the-top …


Pay-TV growth under threat – Piracy, OTT growth to blame

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 21 June,2017

According to Pay-TV Innovation Forum, developed by Nagra and MTM, Latin American Pay-TV businesses face several threats such as the economic imbalance, robust free-to-air (FTA) TV offerings, increasing propensity of over-the-top (OTT) services and rising levels of pay-TV piracy. Some countries like Mexico and Peru reportedly have shown significant growth in the past few years …


We’ve seen a decline in piracy since we launched says Nitesh Kripalani of Amazon Video India

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 31 May,2017

Amazon Prime Video, which is a subscription-based VOD (video-on-demand) platform, was launched in India in December 2016. It boasts of over 9.5 million active subscribers (Source: FICCI-KPMG 2017 Report; as on January 2017) and ranks at third position after Hotstar (63 million) and Voot (13.2 million), in India. Nitesh Kripalani, Director and country head of …


Whitepaper : Securing Media Content

By: navin | Leave a comment | 27 March,2017

Piracy, copying and redistribution of videos are some common security threats content owners face while distributing their content to the mass audience. Hackers use web content tampering, stealing from the cache, stream ripping, player hijacking, deep linking, link sharing and a lot more ways to steal the web content. This whitepaper inspects content security problems …


87% Russians think sharing pirate content is legal

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 09 February,2017

According to a recent consumer survey by Irdeto, some 87 percent of Russian consumers stated that producing or sharing pirated video content is not illegal and some 66 percent in fact believed that streaming or downloading pirated content is legal. However, unauthorised copying, broadcast, distribution or reproduction of copyrighted content, including audio-visual content, is unlawful in Russia …


Deter Piracy with Dynamic Watermarking

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 06 January,2017

According to a recent survey from Columbia University, 45% of Americans actively pirate movies, and some 70% state that they see nothing wrong with online piracy. When users don’t get to access the most demanded piece of content the legit ways, they will find ways of accessing it otherwise. The last season of Game of Thrones …


Streaming Sites Dominate Movie and TV-Show Piracy

By: superadmin | Leave a comment | 28 July,2016

According to a new report published by piracy tracking outfit MUSO, streaming sites have taken over as the prime source of video piracy. New figures released publicly this week are part of the company’s annual report, which shows that nearly three quarters of all movie and TV-show traffic now goes to streaming sites. The data …


Content Security, Challenges for a VOD Business and the Muvi Solution

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 15 April,2015

Today’s world of digital video is expanding rapidly. Every year brings a new set of devices and even device types, every time with more bandwidth, more computing power, higher-resolution displays and even more portability. Network operators and service providers including the traditional cable, satellite and IPTV providers, the terrestrial broadcasters (managed networks), and the Internet-based …

With Upbeat VoD Earnings, Entertainment Industry Looks To Rein In Piracy

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 09 April,2015

  There’s a pretty high ceiling for the losses everybody has incurred in the past due to content piracy. Assuming that piracy both increases supply and reduces demand, it eventually and unambiguously hurts producer revenue. Two primary sources of the film industry revenue today are box office sales and DVD/Blu-Ray sales, which may be affected by piracy differently. …

Denmark, European Film Distributors Get Tough on Popcorn Time Users!

By: roshan | Leave a comment | 08 April,2015

The surging popularity of online video streaming service Popcorn Time, which enables users to watch movies on the internet for free, has somehow shaken the Danish and other European movie industries that they are getting tough not on the app itself but those who shall be caught using it. The International Business Times has reported …

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