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Muvi Live’s Multi-DRM helps you Secure Your Live Streams From Unauthorized Access Across Devices 06 June 2024

  Ensuring secure streaming protects individuals’ privacy by preventing unauthorized access to the stream. Similarly, live streams should also be secure and protected to ensure your live broadcasts aren’t illegally accessed or pirated for any other purpose. Many live streams … Continue reading

Live Stream Premium Protected Content with Muvi Live Security 06 June 2024

  Live streaming has become an integral part of many industries, from entertainment and gaming to business and education. However, as its popularity grows, so do the security and privacy concerns associated with it. By implementing robust security measures, live … Continue reading

Announcing Muvi’s Latest Update: Introducing Multi-DRM Security for Enhanced Content Protection 19 March 2024

  Multi-DRM helps protect your audio and video content on your streaming platform from various cyber threats, illegal usage, and downloads. Specifically, your content is protected from unauthorized access, copying, redistribution and piracy. With Muvi’s multi-DRM, you can keep your … Continue reading

Easily Integrate With Third-Party DRM With Muvi Live 06 October 2022

  DRM (Digital Rights Management) plays a crucial role in protecting the copyright holder’s digital rights and protecting your content against unauthorized access or data breaches. And with Muvi Live’s third-party DRM integration feature you can be ensured of it … Continue reading

Industry Leading DRM Systems- Exemplified 17 August 2021

  Digital Rights Management is a highly sophisticated system to protect the unauthorized usage of video content for OTT streaming platforms. We have already discussed DRM and how important it is in content protection. In the previous blog, we also … Continue reading

Demystifying DRM for OTT platforms 16 August 2021

  Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a method of securing digital video content to prevent piracy and unauthorized usage of the videos and other content types. DRM ensures that video is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form to deliver … Continue reading

What is Encrypted Video Streaming & How it Works? 03 February 2021

  For enterprises, video security is the foremost thing. Nearly 83% of enterprises cite video security as the primary influencer in their purchase decision. Therefore, video streaming services spend millions in R&D to protect content during incoming and outgoing streams, … Continue reading

Whitepaper: Reinventing OTT With Blockchain 04 July 2018

Blockchain-powered transformation is inevitable, and the pace of experimentation and innovation is breathtaking. It’s understandable given that Blockchain will provide a business value-add of $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030 across industries. Blockchain technology has the potential … Continue reading

Muvi to Present the World’s Fastest Deployable OTT Platform at NAB SHOW 2018 13 March 2018

Muvi’s feature-rich hybrid (Over-The-Top) OTT platform combines cross-device reach with great user experience and monetization models to wow consumers and win wallet share.   Muvi will present the world’s fastest deployable OTT platform at the NAB Show 2018 from 9-12 … Continue reading

What is DRM and how to implement the right one 20 December 2017

Piracy has been an ever-growing challenge for the gargantuan volume of data floating in the world wide web. Data centers around the globe have been under continuous surveillance ever since hackers have begun displaying their mettle. Data security has been … Continue reading