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Samsung TV Plus Guide: Channel List, Free Content, Pros, Cons, and more… 09 August 2023

Free streaming is taking the world by storm. In the past few years, multiple platforms have emerged that offer free content to their users. Samsung TV Plus is one of the pivotal ones among them. This streaming service by Samsung … Continue reading

Create Samsung TV Apps in 5 Simple Steps [WITHOUT CODING] – Explained 08 December 2022

Are you looking for an easy way to develop your Samsung Smart TV App without coding? Then, this blog is for you!  Since 2015, Samsung Smart TVs, powered by Tizen OS, has been one of the most popular players in … Continue reading

Samsung TV Vs LG TV – A Comparative Study 24 November 2022

  Samsung TV vs LG TV is probably one of the most-discussed topics in this era of smart TVs and internet-based streaming. As stated in a recent market report, the global smart TV market was worth US $187.81 billion in … Continue reading

Muvi Launches its Newest TV App Platform- Samsung TV App 17 February 2021

  Muvi adds another feather in its cap by launching its first ever Samsung TV app – a pleasant news for a huge customer base that uses Samsung Smart TVs for streaming content. With a native Tizen app, your customers … Continue reading

Shifting to a World of Connected TV Streaming 29 October 2020

  The smart TV ecosystem is getting more traction over the years, especially after the pandemic with more marketers and advertisers shifting towards it. Around the world, people are spending as much time or more with streaming as they are … Continue reading