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Create Samsung TV Apps in 5 Simple Steps [WITHOUT CODING] – Explained

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 08 December 2022
how to create samsung tizen app

Are you looking for an easy way to develop your Samsung Smart TV App without coding? Then, this blog is for you! 

Since 2015, Samsung Smart TVs, powered by Tizen OS, has been one of the most popular players in the smart TV market. Developed with the motto of “Screens for Everyone”, the Tizen OS claims to offer the best family entertainment time to their users. It is because Tizen OS can offer endless contents, apps, and features that are personalized to a specific user.  

Due to it’s popularity, most of the streaming platforms look to develop their own Samsung TV App, as it can give a big boost to their revenue. But, Samsung TV app development process is not that easy, as the developers need to face multiple constraints. 

In this blog, we will tell you how to make an app for Samsung TV in just 5 simple steps, without coding or IT team. So, let’s begin!      

What is Samsung TV App?

Samsung TV App, also referred to as Samsung Smart TV App, is an application that you can download on your Samsung Smart TV. And since most of the Samsung Smart TVs run on the Tizen OS, these apps are also called Smasung Tizen Apps

Some of the popular Samsung TV Apps are:

  • Discovery GO
  • ESPN
  • BBC Sports
  • CBS
  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • HBO Go
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sony LIV
  • Spotify
  • Vudu

And many more…                 

What is Tizen OS?

For those unversed, Tizen OS is a Linux-based open-source operating system developed by Samsung. Though it is mainly used in the smart TVs developed by Samsung, it is compatible with multiple devices, like mobile devices and home appliances. Due to its wide range of flexible and personalized features, it has gained wild popularity within a very short time. 

Some of it’s unique features are:

  • AI assistance with Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant
  • Screen casting with AirPlay 2 and Miracast
  • Advanced connectivity features like bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, and many more
  • Robust flexibility and security

And many more…                

Why Should You Create A Samsung Smart TV App?

According to a report released by Fierce Video, the Samsung Tizen Operating System had the largest individual share of the global TV market in 2020. The number of TVs operating on Tizen OS had already reached 162.3 million, which accounted for more than 12% of the total smart TV usage. That is why, for OTT platforms, having their own Samsung TV App is mandatory nowadays. 

Developing a Samsung Smart TV app will give you multiple benefits like:

  • It will help you reach out to a wider set of audiences. 
  • As the Samsung Tizen Smart TV and OS grow in the future, your business will grow too! 
  • By the end of 2023, Samsung Tizen OS is expected to capture around 25% of the smart TV market. Hence a Samsung Tizen App will give you direct access to one-fourth of the smart TV users. 


What Are The Guidelines for Samsung TV Apps Development?

Like any other app store, the app store of Samsung Smart TVs also has certain certification criteria. And to fulfill those criteria, you need to follow the guidelines given by Samsung. 

The complete list of development guidelines and certification criteria are available on the Samsung developer’s website. But some of the most important ones are:

  • The developers need to keep track of the FCC-compliant accessibility standards. 
  • They must also take care of the various screen resolutions. 
  • They must also implement the Samsung Multitasking feature. 
  • The application must take less than 10 seconds to launch.

So, if your application doesn’t meet these guidelines (and the others given on the website), your app will not be published in the app store of Samsung Tizen TVs.                

Some Important Features of Samsung Smart TV Apps

While building your Samsung TV App, it’s important to pack it with the latest and most-beloved features, so that your app can stand out amongst the crowd. 

Though there are 100+ industry-leading features that are important to build, your Samsung Tizen app will surely satisfy your users if you build the features discussed below! 

Setup and Manage Device Restrictions

Using this feature, your users can decide the number of devices from which the application can be accessed simultaneously. Also, your users can create separate user profiles too, so that everyone can have their own watchlists and favorites!               

Watchlist and Favorites          

Your users can mark their favorite shows as Favourites, and create watchlists for the content that they want to watch again later.   

Multiple Subscription Options

With multiple subscription options like Subscription, Ad-bases content, Pay-per-view, coupons, and vouchers, your viewers can enjoy much more flexible payment alternatives.   

Secured and Buffer-Free

With built-in DRM protection, we ensure that your content remains free from any kind of piracy attempt, always! Also, our built-in CDN architecture ensures that your platform remains amazingly scalable, providing a fast and completely buffer-free experience to users sitting on any corner of the globe.          

In-App Purchases    

Your users can purchase subscriptions and other deliverables right from your Samsung TV app! They don’t need to go back to their mobile application for this process.                 

What Are The Challenges in Samsung Tizen TV App Development?

For developers to Launch Samsung TV app, the main difficulty arises due to the complicated IDE, difficulty in app testing, and non-compliance with third-party libraries. We have tried to highlight the most common issues faced by a Tizen App Developer below.

Tizen Studio – A Short-Term IDE

Tizen Studio is the go-to IDE for developing any Samsung Tizen App, be it a web app or a TV app. But, developers often face issues while using this IDE, because Tizen Studio is a bit slower and supports outdated features only. However, if you want to use the default Tizen CLI and Samsung Development Bridge, there is no other way except to use Tizen Studio. 

That is why, many developers often shift to other IDEs midway, to ease the development process. But this shifting process is itself very troublesome, as it includes a threat of significant data loss. 

Develop Apps Compliant With Chromium Engine Versions

If you are planning to develop a web-based application for Samsung Tizen TV, then be aware that Samsung smart TVs run all of their web applications on the Chromium Web Engine. Now, here comes the catch. 

There are different versions of chromium web engines, which are fitted in Samsung TVs of different models and years. So, you need to make sure that your application is compatible with all the required versions of Chromium Web Engine. 

Avoid Third-Party Libraries

The Samsung Tizen TVs follow a very strict security policy. While this is extremely good for the users, it sometimes causes issues for the developers. 

Due to the strict privacy policies, the third-party libraries do not load properly, leading to unexpected bugs in the application. Also, the Tizen OS is not so friendly with interoperability too!  

Limitation of Skilled Resources 

Finding the right developer is the most important thing for Samsung TV Apps Development. You might think of hiring one or contracting with a 3rd party agency to build your Samsung Tizen App. But, it’s not an easy skill to find.

Moreover, building the app is just half the battle, the other half consists of finding the right team to build the streaming engine and work on the IT Infrastructure to support the app, which also includes the cloud infrastructure. 

Hence, if you look to hire the entire team and build everything from scratch, it will cost you big numbers, and you might even end up investing most of your working capital upfront into this.

And the risk doesn’t end here. The biggest risk still remains – what if they quit mid-project? How will you complete it then? You will have to start from scratch again, and bear additional expenses too!

Furthermore, all these issues will hamper your project timeline, which is very important. At this pace, you will end up spending 3-5 months building this app, while your competition will have already gathered multiple subscribers by then, and you will lose time-to-market.         

Samsung Tizen App

How To Make An App For Samsung TV in 5 Simple Steps?

If you are tired of conquering the above-discussed problems while developing your Tizen TV application and want an easier way to develop your app in less time, then Muvi One is here to help you out! 

For those unversed, Muvi One is the world’s fastest deployable OTT Platform SaaS, which currently holds the #1 spot in G2 rankings. Using Muvi One, you can develop your own white-labeled Samsung Tizen TV App without writing a single line of code! 

In addition, Muvi One offers 100+ industry-leading features and a completely built-in architecture that makes the entire development process seamless for you! After your app is ready, our engineers provide all the help you need in testing and publishing your app into the Samsung Tizen app store. 

Interested to know how to make an app for Samsung TV with Muvi One? Just follow the 5 simple steps given below.

Step 1 – Sign Up

To begin your Samsung TV app development journey, sign up with Muvi One. You can do so by going to and clicking on the “Free Trial” button at the top right corner of the screen. 

Once you click on the free trial button, you will be taken to the Sign Up page of Muvi One. Fill out the sign-up form and verify your email ID to complete the sign-up process. 

How to Signup with Muvi One

Step 2 – Login To The CMS Dashboard

Once your sign-up is completed and the account is activated, you will be able to log in to your CMS dashboard using your registered email address and password. 

Step 3 – Add Content 

Before developing your app, you need to add some content. To add content, go to the “Content Library” under “Content Management” in your CMS dashboard. Then, click on “Add Content”.

The content form will appear next. In that form, add the name and description of your content to upload your content. 

Step 4 – Enable the Samsung TV App

Now it’s time to start building your Samsung TV app.  To do so, go to the “App Dashboard” section in your CMS. All the apps will be visible. Find out the Samsung TV (Tizen) app and click on “Buy App”. 

Step 5 – Submit the App Request Form

Once you have filled out the app request form, submit it and relax. Everything else will be handled by our developers!

Ideally, it takes only a few hours for your app to reach your email inbox!        

Why Choose Muvi One For Your Samsung TV App?  

Developing your Samsung Tizen App with Muvi One is much easier than you would have thought. This is because we provide you with a complete setup with built-in AWS CDN, DRM, encoder and transcoder, DVR-enabled live streaming, and more! You just need to follow the 5 simple steps given above and your Samsung Smart TV app will be ready in no time. 

So, if you are looking for a no-code platform to develop your Samsung Tizen TV app, then Muvi One is the best choice for you! We are the global leaders in delivering SaaS-based solutions for developing Samsung Tizen apps. Also, we are the top-rated OTT platform software according to G2. 

Wondering what makes us so popular? It is the wide range of features and benefits that we offer! 

Providing Services Across 16+ App Environments

With Muvi One, you can develop OTT applications, Music Streaming applications, Podcast applications, Live Streaming channels, and more – over 16+ app environments! You can develop web-based applications, android apps, iOS and Mac apps, Roku channels, LG TV apps, and even an Ayoba app for your platform! So, in one line, you can develop apps for literally ANY OS ENVIRONMENT – Using Muvi One!

Completely No-Code and Extremely Easy to Use

Whatever you develop, you just need a few mouse clicks, and it will be done! No need to write a single line of code! Just choose templates, setup, and CMS backend, and you are ready to go live! Trust us, Muvi One is one of the easiest no-code OTT app development platforms in the world!                          

Go Live or Deliver On-Demand Content – We Support Everything Perfectly

Are you confused about whether you should have a live-streaming platform or a VOD platform? Well, why don’t you do both on a single platform? 

At Muvi One, you can do live streaming, and live podcasts, hold live seminars and events, and deliver on-demand videos to your users, over a single platform. We support everything perfectly! 

Get The Complete System Architecture At One Place

Muvi One provides you with built-in CMS, built-in AWS CDN, built-in multi-DRM security, built-in decoder and transcoder, and the entire system architecture needed to deliver the best buffer-free and scalable streaming experience to your viewers.                           

No Revenue Sharing, Own-Branded App

We have a “Zero Revenue Sharing” policy! It means all your revenues will be completely yours! Also, you will get a completely white-label platform, which means you will be the sole owner of your brand, content, users, IP, and revenue.     

Hear it from our customers:

Customer Review Muvi One

Cost of Samsung TV Apps Development   

If you are developing your Samsung TV app using Muvi One, you need to pay only $299 for one app over your Muvi One subscription price. Also, we usually include one app within your subscription, so you might not have to pay any extra cost if it is the only app you are building. 

And at this price, you will get everything out of the box!

To Sum Up

Samsung Tizen TVs are leading the smart TV market. But very few no-code platforms offer Samsung TV Apps development services. So, if you want to develop the Samsung TV app for your users, join Muvi today! Sign-up to start your 14-day free trial right now!

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Samsung Tizen TV app


Yes, you can monetize your smart TV app developed by Muvi. We support multiple monetization models, including subscription, ad-based streaming, PPV, and many more! 

No, you don’t need any coding skills to develop your own Samsung TV app using Muvi One. 

Some of the essential features that must be included in a Samsung TV app are:

  • Device Restrictions
  • Wishlists and Favourites
  • Multiple Subscription Options
  • In-app purchases

Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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