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What is Video Bitrate and Why is it Important for Live Streaming? 28 March 2024

  In live streaming, Video bitrate plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the video being delivered to viewers. Higher bitrates generally result in better video quality. A higher bitrate allows for more detail and clarity in the … Continue reading

Video Bitrate – Everything You Must Know Before Choosing 03 October 2022

  Video sustains to be a recognized medium to connect with the audience. It helps you convey exciting and informative messages, where you can include anything that you require to pull the attention and communicate with the audience. However, maintaining … Continue reading

Video Bitrate or Resolution – What makes Video Streaming Better? 04 August 2020

  When we consider the quality of a video, there is a common misconception that “resolution” is the only determinant aspect. Well, there are important factors like “bitrate” that also contribute in determining video quality.  If you aspire to or … Continue reading