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Video Bitrate – Everything You Must Know Before Choosing

Ankit Jena Published on : 03 October 2022
Video Bitrate


Video sustains to be a recognized medium to connect with the audience. It helps you convey exciting and informative messages, where you can include anything that you require to pull the attention and communicate with the audience. However, maintaining the quality of the video is essential to retain an audience for a longer period.

According to research made by Dacast, 62% of people are expected to have a negative perception of a brand producing a low-quality video experience. 23% who have ever seen a low-quality video with a brand will hesitate to buy products or services from the brand. 57% of people are less expected to share a low-quality video.

Hence the sure-fire way to make sure you provide a good experience to your end-users by delivering high-quality content and for that you need to choose optimal video bitrate for streaming. But before that you must have a clear understanding of what is video bitrate and how it can help you deliver optimal video quality.


Video Bitrate – A Brief Introduction

Every second of video includes digital information such as image quality, audio quality, video quality and this unit of data is called Video Bitrate. It also refers to the unit of data that can be transferred or processed within a certain amount of time. Once a video is made and ready for processing, if you select a low bitrate then it might get compressed regardless of the high-resolution and frame rate at the beginning. So, it’s essential to select a high-bitrate to maintain quality video. It also helps provide a seamless streaming experience to end-users.

Essentially Video Bitrate is the speed at which your video is uploaded to the internet from your camera or else server and it is also the speed at which your end-users download the video on their device.

How Video Bitrate is Measured?

It is measured in bits per second, and is abbreviated as bps. Audio files are usually measured in Kilobits per second; however, video files are so large that sometimes they are measured in Mbps (megabits per second).


Video bitrate


What is Video Resolution and How is it associated with Bitrate?

Video resolution and bitrate are inter-associated but are completely different from each other. It’s vital for both aspects to be inter-connected for a fruitful outcome. Video resolution is the number of pixels that makes a video frame to produce an image on a screen. Videos with more pixels give higher quality video. However, if you only prioritize the quality of the video in terms of resolution, you will be missing out half of the picture.

Videos with high resolution require high bit rates because they need more data to move more pixels. Hence, with a video with high resolution that complements your high bitrate, you can reach your audience more efficiently and with higher consistency.


Video Bitrates – What should you know about?

You always love to produce high-resolution videos for your end-users and that requires a high bitrate to stream successfully. But before producing a video you must also consider the differences in the speed of the internet of your end-users. Although choosing a higher bitrate to stream videos can be helpful, at the same time, it is also important for you to think about the users with slow internet speed who face lagging in videos and constant buffering. So, releasing your video contents with different bitrates can help the audience with slower internet connection as well as faster connection to consume the content accordingly.

Multi-bitrate streaming is a wonderful method to make several copies of your video at diverse bitrates. Audiences then can choose a viewing quality that’s appropriate for their device. Otherwise, with adaptive bitrate streaming, they will obtain the high-quality version of your video based on their internet speed at that time.

You must also make sure your frame rate is high-enough to avoid jerky, slow videos that is not able to meet their purpose. Although there is no optimum frame rate, if you are shooting moving shots, you must prioritize a higher-frame rate to keep your audience engaged.


Is Video Bitrate = Higher Video Quality

Yes, high video bitrate is directly proportional to higher video quality up to some extent. Bitrate contributes to the quality of a video is, in relation to the resolution as well as frame rate of a video. As enlightened previously, higher resolution videos running at a higher frame rate needs a higher bitrate to maintain flawless playback.

Higher bitrate will make sure that a video running at a high resolution and fps will be flawless, but lower resolution videos will remain poor, no matter how high the bitrate is.

The bitrate will boost a video’s quality, but only to a definite level. To achieve higher quality video, bitrate, resolution, and fps should be balanced.


Final Thoughts

We hope you find this blog helpful. Streaming contents online is a fun experience but it comes with a ton of challenges. Dealing with all the technical aspects like bitrate, framerate, resolution is one of the most difficult parts of the live streaming. Muvi is one of the most popular streaming platforms that helps you manage every technical aspect of streaming contents flawlessly and help you deliver wonderful experiences to your end-users. Muvi flex provides the simplest and fastest method to deliver video and audio experiences on your websites, apps, and other platforms. Start a free trial to explore the feature-rich platform of Muvi now!


Video bitrate

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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