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Engaging The Audience In The Social TV Era 09 October 2015

  A Nielsen study claims that 85 percent of TV viewers use web-enabled hand-held streaming devices while watching TV. What was once considered as a distraction once has now become a means to engage viewers, keeping them focused longer on … Continue reading

Premium Online Video Viewing Is Peaking, Says Ericsson Report 08 October 2015

  Viewers are watching an average of six hours of premium content on the web, up from three hours a year ago, with 65% of that viewing being for TV series and shows, according to Ericsson’s Consumer Lab report. Unveiling … Continue reading

4G And Its Impact On VOD Players In India 08 October 2015

  India, as per Cisco’s VNI report is poised to have 650 million smartphones by 2019. That’s like 650 million personal televisions in user pockets. In comparison, there are only ~168 million TV households in India – a majority of which are … Continue reading

Study Finds Families Spend More Time On SVOD Services Rather Than Money 08 October 2015

  The family demand for video on demand services have been a driving force in shaping the streaming content industry as a whole – consider the recent HBO-Sesame Workshop broadcasting deal as a prime example of the power children have in keeping … Continue reading

According To Netflix, They’ll Save Hollywood From Hollywood 08 October 2015

  Netflix execs are making a statement here. They don’t want to ruin Hollywood. They only want to save it. Or, at least, a part of it. From Hollywood itself. Speaking at the Vanity Fair Summit on Tuesday, Netflix’s head … Continue reading

What will SA’s VOD market look like in the next few years? 07 October 2015

  South Africa is likely to accommodate between 692 000 and 917 500 active video-on-demand (VOD) households by 2020, according to new research by BMI-TechKnowledge. The finding is a part of the BMI-T’s South African Consumer Digital Lifestyle Research Programme, which surveyed over 1500 … Continue reading

Millennials Like linear On Weekdays, VOD On Weekends 06 October 2015

  David Crawford of Arqiva revealed that, while the research confirmed that millennials do of course possess a significant taste for VOD services, there is a distinct difference between their viewing consumption patterns on weekends and weekdays. On weekdays, live … Continue reading

Surprise, Surprise! Hulu Pips Netflix To Become Faster Growing OTT VOD Service 06 October 2015

  Hulu, despite its programming and management clout has always been considered a weaker player off the group of mainstream OTT video on demand streaming services. It doesn’t have a signature show, like Netflix and Amazon, it has less high-demand … Continue reading

Millennials’ TV Viewing Promotes VOD, Streaming 05 October 2015

  TV networks increasingly get a sizable piece — almost 30% — of their total month-long viewing of a TV program from millennials/Gen Xers’ after its live airing from video-on-demand/streamed viewing. New data released by ABC during Advertising Week shows … Continue reading

Amazon Puts A Check On VOD Rivals 05 October 2015

  Amazon has said it will no longer stock media streaming devices such as the Apple TV and Google Chromecast on its online shop. This is because these devices are not easily compatible with Amazon’s VOD service, Prime Video. According to a … Continue reading