Issue Tracking

Record issues, categorize them, route them, and track the resolution.


Issue tracking provides a structured way to capture and process the various ideas, queries, defects, decisions, and other assorted challenges that come up over the course of a project. 

Tattle's simple-to-use Issue tracking feature allows your support agents, engineers, and managers to track issues effectively with custom workflow, status and automated timely updates.


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  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Status and Workflow
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Search & Filter
  • Notes & Notifications

Custom fields

Custom Fields


Define and add as many custom fields you want and track issues smartly. More the no. of custom fields, more detailed is the information, easier is the issue categorization, finer is the workflow.


try multiple languages for your Muvi powered web and mobile apps
export and import language strings in Muvi

Custom status and workflow

Custom Status and Workflow


Statuses can be tricky. Every business can have a unique one. With Tattle you can define ticket status suitable to your project or workflow.


Roles and permissions

Roles and Permissions


Managing and verifying access is essential to information security. So, allow your users to work autonomously based on the role you have defined for them. Create and assign multiple roles and permissions to maximize operational efficiency and reduce dependency for your team.


export and import language strings in Muvi
export and import language strings in Muvi



Tattle allows you multiple attachments and file formats from documents, image to video, attach anything to make communication more informative.

Notes and notifications

Notes and Notifications


Leave a reference note or even a friendly update for your users by adding notes to your tattle. Share your progress with your users and customers and let them know that help is on its way without invading the recipient’s inbox.


export and import language strings in Muvi
export and import language strings in Muvi

Issue history

Issue History


Jump to any tattle anytime you want and access the secured details on the archive. Stay legally compliant with a safe repository and maintain all relevant records for future reference.



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