Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Define, manage and monitor SLAs efficiently

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Keeping up with customer demands is not always easy. That’s why when companies decide to offer customer support, they often need to work on Service Level Agreements (SLAs). SLAs are a set of service-related goals that a company creates for processes that have a quantifiable outcome.

Tattle allows you to build and continue the legacy of providing exceptional customer service by defining SLA rules. With Tattle, you can set a time to resolve a ticket based on - its status, the customer it has been originated from, and more. Enjoy a fully automated project workflow and stay on top of your ticketing system.

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  • SLA Monitoring and Reporting
  • SLA Notification and Reminders

SLA Monitoring and Reporting

SLA Monitoring and Reporting


SLA-driven support system ensures that you offer a predictable and measurable service. Stay on top of your project and track how efficiently your team is meeting the defined SLAs. Get a detailed SLA metrics report by policy, ETA, current status, highlight trends in SLA achievement, etc., and identify the scope of improvements.

try multiple languages for your Muvi powered web and mobile apps
try multiple languages for your Muvi powered web and mobile apps

SLA Notification and Reminders

SLA Notification and Reminders

Automated notifications can be set for teams every time they meet their SLAs. Also, you can set a notification if the team is nearing an SLA breach or if fails to adhere to defined SLAs. 


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