In-depth analytics & custom reports to help you deliver the best customer support


Customer service analytics involves gathering and analyzing customer support data and metrics, in order to get actionable insights.

Tattle provides in-depth analytics, statistics, custom reports on customers, tickets, and agent behavior to improve your customer support operations. Tattle Analytics can help you understand your customers’ journey and identify the most frequent issues they encounter. This helps in predicting customer behavior and be better prepared to assist them in the future.

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  • Volume Trends
  • SLA Reports
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Custom Reports

Volume Trends

Volume Trends

Tattle’s volume trends show in which part of the year/quarter/month/day, the most numbers of tattles were logged and resolved. This helps in predicting workload and plan the resources accordingly. Get a report on breached SLA's, dig deep for probable reasons, or find out which resources/teams need a re-training. 

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SLA Reports

SLA Reports

Analyze the productivity and efficiency of your team through SLA reports. Tattle provides you metrics that signify how long your support team takes from answering a query to resolving a ticket.

Customer satisfaction rating

Customer Satisfaction Rating


Gauge the efficiency of your support agent’s performance and team effectiveness. Tattle helps you conduct customer surveys, and provide more precise guidelines on how to better your service desk.


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Custom Reports

Custom Reports


By generating easy-to-customize reports, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their requirements. With Tattle, save and share the reports in your team and monitor the quality of support delivered.