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User Generated Content

Allow End Users to Create and Publish Content

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Empowering end users is the best way to make them fall in love with your streaming service. Letting them comment, report, or rate your content is one way, but nothing beats the sense of liberation one can achieve when they create their own content and publish it online. It’s a great way to build brand love and earn goodwill because your streaming platform carries their content to the rest of the world.

Muvi, therefore, enables User Generated Content (UGC) which allows end users to upload content to your streaming platform. This is a powerful feature using which platform owners can get valuable content on board and use it to enhance user engagement and monetize it.


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  • End User Content Uploads
  • Admin Moderation
  • Categorize User Uploads
  • My Uploads Section
  • Enable Monetization

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Allow User Content Uploads

Building your streaming service on Muvi, you can allow end users to create and add content to your library, as mere individuals. Any user can upload a video content and publish it on your streaming platform.

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Review & Moderate Uploads


It may not be a good idea if users start uploading self-generated content freely. If not regulated, you’ll end up incurring heavy storage and bandwidth costs to sustain your streaming platform. Therefore, you can moderate content uploads from users by deputing an Admin. The Admin can review all user generated content, check for adherence to relevant guidelines, and then allow or disallow the upload.


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Categorize User Uploads

As a platform owner, you can not only tag and categorize your own content library but also structure the same for user-generated content. As and when an end user requests an upload on your streaming platform, they can be prompted for filling in vital metadata such as content category (genre, short-form, long-form, multi-part, single-part, etc.), meta tags, meta-descriptions, etc. This way user-generated content stays organized on your platform and more importantly remains discoverable.

Video Monetization

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My Uploads


Just like “My Favorites” and “My Library” your end users can also have a “My Uploads” section. As the platform owner, you can enable this section for your users (uploaders) to have a quick look at all the content that they have published on your streaming site.


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Monetize UGC


Enabling UGC on Muvi, platform owners can monetize user-generated content published by end users. UGC can be included in the existing subscription plans or PPV plan and be sold to other consumers.

Video Monetization

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