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No matter how old we grow, we still have a child in us; and likely so, many users tend to abuse system if not kept in check. So, it is better to enable some level of user restrictions on your platform to protect your environment. User Restrictions module is Muvi’s way of enabling platform owners to restrict certain user patterns to avoid abuse.


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  • Control User Access
  • Check User Abuse
  • Enable Fair Usage Policy

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Restrict Simultaneous Streams

Running a Subscription service means a user has unlimited access to your content library and this can cause harm if users start sharing their login credentials with others. This is not only a loss of revenue to your platform but also increased bandwidth costs at your end. To check this, you can enable “restrict simultaneous streaming”. With this option, you can restrict a user from simultaneously streaming your content on multiple devices or accounts. For instance, if you set this count to 2, this will allow only two streams from the same user account to run at any given time.

Video Monetization

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Cap Daily Watch Duration


Paid customers should rightfully enjoy unlimited streaming on your subscription service, but that might not be a good idea in case of non-subscribers or free users. As a platform owner you can dissect your plan further to offer additional privileges to subscribers over non-subscribers. You can do so by capping the watch duration for non-subscribers. You can configure a cap of let’s say 4 hours per day and once they have exhausted the duration, you can prompt them to upgrade to a paid subscription.


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