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In general terms, webcasting is broadcasting over the Internet much like traditional radio and television broadcasts. With Webcast, you can broadcast a media presentation (Video/Audio) over the Internet with the help of streaming media technology. Here you can distribute a single content source to several real-time viewers or listeners. A webcast may either be distributed …

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A webhook (also called an HTTP push API or a web call back) is a way for an application to provide real-time information to other applications. A webhook provides data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data instantly—unlike conventional APIs where you would have to poll for data very often to get it in …

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WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications. It is a very powerful, exciting, leading-edge technology and standard. Being a free, open-source project, it offers mobile applications and web browsers with real-time communication through simple APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It allows video and audio communication to work inside web pages by eliminating the need to download native …

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What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use your mobile device and the TV you already own to cast your favourite TV shows, films, music, sport, games and more. Chromecast works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phones and tablets, Mac® and Windows® laptops and Chromebooks.* Chromecast is …

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White Labeling

  White label product is any product or service that is produced by one company and marketed by another company by putting their model number and own brand on the product as if they have produced it. For example, most of the Dell computer monitors are produced by other companies, however, they have the Dell’s …

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