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Analytics & Reports

Track & Analyse the performance of your platform with detailed reports

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With Muvi you can Analyze and track the performance of all your videos at minute level and details with our Analytics & Reports Section.

Muvi Analytics & Reports helps you discover the real performance of each video enabling you to continuously strengthen your content. With Analytics, find which content is driving more views and stickiness for your platform, higher engagement and more transaction / revenue to your business!

Muvi also helps to track and optimize user’s behavior in your platform by enabling you with viewers’ attention span, drop-off rates, devices used, buffering time and viewing habits of viewers. You can filter by device, user location, browser and much more.

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  • Detailed Revenue Reports
  • Analyse Content Performance
  • User Behaviour
  • Partner Content Tracking
  • Custom Reports

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User Views

Track and understand actions like video views by user in detail. Muvi allows you to track what all videos are being viewed at a per user level, thus giving you details about what’s working and what’s not working on your platform.


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Video & Bandwidth Stats

Each content performs differently and consumes certain amount of bandwidth depending upon various factors such as device used for streaming, geography and video quality. Knowing which content is driving maximum views or is on the higher level of bandwidth consumption helps platform owners improve content quality providing a richer user experience and plan a better revenue strategy for the platform.

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In the era of Multi-devices and Multi-Screens, it is very difficult to understand what kind of device or platform a user prefers to consume content. With Muvi’s Analytics and Reports, you get detailed information of user’s device and browser used to view a video from your library.

Video Monetization

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Content Partner

With our Content Partner Portal, you can track & analyse the performance of your partners content and split revenues with them. Taking this a step ahead, you can also give dedicated whitelabel access to your partners allowing them to upload and manage their own content as well as view reports on video views as well as revenue share with them on the go!

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Custom Reports

With pre-defined analytics metrics, Muvi also provides you with Custom Reports that enable you to define your own custom fields. Create multiple custom reports using different custom fields and edit or delete reports as per your usage. We give you a complete free-hand to create and track the performance of your platform!

Video Monetization

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