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Add any Payment Gateway with Zero Coding

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Muvi Billing’s “Add Payment Gateways” feature lets you add your preferred gateways in a few clicks, without writing a single line of code. 

To add your preferred gateway simply log into the Muvi Billing dashboard and share your gateway details over a simple form. Get any payment gateway integrated, without needing to hire and maintain a development team, allowing you to go live in an instant.

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  • Zero Coding
  • Go LIVE Instantly
  • $$ Savings on Integration Costs
  • Notifications

Zero Coding

Zero Coding


Muvi billing allows you to add your preferred payment gateway without you needing to write a single line of code.  To integrate any gateway log into the product dashboard, share gateway details over a simple form and get notified as soon as the integration is complete.

Muvi payment gateway
Muvi platform support multiple payment gateway

Instant Go Live

Go LIVE Instantly

With Muvi Billing, the process of adding your own preferred gateway is quick and extremely simplified. Adding gateways can usually take months and involve development costs. With Muvi Billing you get to add your preferred payment gateway in a day or two without the need to put in extra efforts towards coding.

$$ savings on the integration costs

$$ Savings on Integration Costs

Muvi Billing’s ‘Add Payment Gateways’ feature does not require complex integrations and enables you to save on the costs involved in hiring and maintaining a development team. The integration process is simple to follow and does not require any additional efforts towards coding.

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On submission of details for your Payment gateway, Muvi’s in-house team will notify you via the product dashboard and email. Muvi’s team will reach out to you in case of any issues, concerns & queries and coordinate with you to remove roadblocks for a quick and smooth implementation.


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