Coupons & Promotions

Generate Coupons to offer Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are a great way to introduce new customers to your store, introducing new product lines, providing a way to get rid of unwanted inventory, encouraging customers to try a new brand, or getting customers to come back to your store. 

The key to maximizing the advantage of offers & promotions in today’s digital world is using coupons. With Muvi Billing’s built-in Coupon Code engine, it is easy for you to generate promotional coupons to attract more traffic on your platform! Be it discounts, festive and seasonal offers, or plain old marketing promotions, you can do it all with Muvi Billing’s Coupon Code engine.


  • Simple Interface
  • Multiple Coupon Options
  • Manage Coupons with ease
  • Coupon-specific Content
  • No Extra Charge

Simple Interface


Muvi Billing’s Built-in Coupon Code Engine comes with an easy-to-use interface with no complex coding or programming. You can either generate one or bulk coupons at a single go and easily export them for your marketing campaigns.


easy to use coupons on Muvi OTT Platform
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Multiple Coupon Options


You can offer both cash as well as a % discount for purchases done on your platform. Design promotional & discount offers that keep your users glued to your platform striving for more.

Manage Coupons with ease


With Muvi Billing, design a discount set, name it with a custom prefix, and enable your customers to use it multiple times. Easily set up Limited Time Coupons to run a campaign for a certain duration and discontinue them anytime. Restrict the usage of coupons based on coupon attributes you set. Regulate whether a coupon can be used once or multiple times. 

easily manage coupons on streaming platform
coupon specific ott content

Coupon-specific Content


While configuring coupons, you can decide which products or services should be made available for coupon purchases. For example, it would be a good idea to make coupons applicable to more popular products and services; and you may choose to exclude premium and latest offerings from coupon application.


No Extra Charge


Create and design as many promotional discount coupons you like without incurring any extra cost. Muvi Billing’s Coupon Code engine is a built-in system and we do not charge or share revenue with any of our customers.


free coupon creation on OTT platform