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Sales tax rules for digital goods/SaaS vary considerably from country to country and state to state, which makes taxation a complex exercise. Also, the taxation of digital goods/SaaS may change depending on the delivery model (physical or digital): In some countries/states, physical sales of software are taxable but digital sales of software are exempt.

To manage these taxability issues, one needs a robust subscription management platform that can manage and apply appropriate tax brackets for a country or state, where the sale is happening.

Now managing differential tax brackets is easier than ever with Muvi Billing’s “Taxation” feature. This feature allows you to configure tax rules for each country and state. Once configured tax amount is automatically calculated & applied to the final invoice depending on the customer’s location.

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  • Country /State-wise taxes
  • Instant Go Live
  • Revenue Analytics
  • Set Taxes for Every Location

Country /State-wise taxes

Country /State-wise taxes

Setting up taxes is one of the primary tasks you need to perform when setting up a digital store or B2B business. Taxes are more complex when you are setting up an international store. Our revenue management platform Muvi Billing aims to make the setup as simple as possible by allowing you to configure the country & state-wise taxes on a single window.

Country & State-wise taxes

Instant Go Live

Instant Go Live

Muvi Billing’s taxation feature allows you to add country and state-wise taxes without you needing to do a complex setup. All you have to do is just login into the Muvi Billing dashboard, click on the manage tax menu, select the country and state from the dropdown and mention the tax percentage.

Revenue Analytics

Revenue Analytics

When you run an international store it is important to analyze the country-wise revenue and taxes earned, file returns, and carry out the overall accounting procedures for your business. Muvi Billing offers comprehensive reports and an analytics section offering a birds-eye view of all your business transactions happening across the geographies.

Set Taxes for Every Location

Set Taxes for Every Location

Set Taxes for Every Location

Each country can have different types of taxes. Muvi Billing allows you to set taxes based on the location you operate in. Add Sales Tax, VAT, GST & Entertainment Tax, without actually taking help from developers.


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