Billing & Revenue Management for eCommerce

Integrate, automate and scale billing for your eCommerce platforms


The eCommerce sales are growing at a never-before pace, with global sales reaching well over $4 trillion. That’s certainly great news for all eCommerce subscription businesses. But what's more important is, how you prepare yourself to leverage this high growth spurt.

When it comes to eCommerce billing, you need a solid subscription management platform that is scalable, fully integrated, and customizable with an engaging user experience. This is where the Muvi Billing is a great fit.

Muvi Billing a subscription management software is designed to seamlessly manage the complete billing cycle for eCommerce. Muvi Billing’s automated system manages complex billing processes, varied payment modes, recurring revenue streams, taxes, payments, subscriptions, and much more.

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  • Subscriptions & Order fulfillment
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Compliances (Currency, Tax & Language)
  • Promotional Coupons, Vouchers & Discounts
  • Multiple Payment Gateways


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Subscriptions & Order fulfillment

Three major aspects keep your eCommerce business running - subscriptions, order details, and fulfillment modes. Muvi billing allows you to manage the subscriptions, order details, and fulfillment modes easily with its customizable workflows.




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Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition from physical goods often adds an additional layer to the complexity, where the revenue recognition is subject to order fulfillment. And the aspects you need to account for are cancellations, discounts, and refunds. Muvi Billing with its flexible and customizable feature set allows you to manage all aspects of physical goods order fulfillment, cancellations, and refunds, etc.


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Compliances (Currency, Tax & Language)

The intricacies of managing compliance and tax issues grow exponentially as you scale your markets and expand into new geographies. Muvi Billing helps you manage all these aspects, like using local languages for customer communications, billing across multiple currencies, and offering a choice of payment methods before they become a limiting factor to your growth.

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Promotional Coupons, Vouchers & Discounts

Promotional Coupons, Vouchers & Discounts

Promotions & Incentives have a huge importance in determining why customers go out of their way to purchase the products or subscribe to offers. Discounts draw new customers to businesses and encourage them to try out products, driving sales and profitability in the process. Muvi Billing’s Built-in Coupon Code Engine comes with an easy-to-use interface with no complex coding or programming. You can either generate one or bulk coupons at a single go and easily export them for your marketing campaigns.


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Multiple Payment Gateways

To reach and retain users across the globe, accepting payments through multiple payment gateways is a must. And Muvi Billing supports this out-of-the-box! Muvi billing offers 40+ payment gateways to transact through. You can also integrate your preferred payment gateway or even integrate your own, out-of-the-box and accept payments in local currencies across the world.

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