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Brand Experiences and Video Ads go Hand-in-Hand in Streaming 24 September 2020


Due to the pandemic, connected TV usage among consumers has experienced a huge surge. However, many viewers are still struggling to find the correct content to stream, according to their preferences. This dilemma can be looked up by brand marketers as an advantageous opportunity that prioritizes brand experience encouraging content discovery.


What are Brand Experiences?


Before we venture on the topic, let me give you a clear understanding of what brand experience is. Brand experiences are ads that offer free experiences to streamers, such as promo codes to free movies, ungated TV shows/movies, and more. Brand experiences work towards creating better brand awareness and customer satisfaction among consumers more than generating ROI.


A brand experience is more about creating a sensory experience that brings a consumer into a lasting and meaningful relationship with a brand. Executed with authenticity, it’s an immersive, and humanistic messaging platform that appeals to a new type of consumer: one who is willing to spend a little time getting to know the brands they’re considering. 


Brand Experiences Coupled with Video Ads do the Trick


A recent survey has highlighted the fact that video ads and brand experiences that offer free streaming choices, together generate a greater purchase intent than what video advertising alone could have accomplished. You see, what happens is, a major challenge for many viewers to face while consuming content on streaming platforms is content discovery. 


21st-century customers like brand experiences that provide them with some sort of value addition are more exciting rather than traditional ads. They prefer brand experiences over the latter because to them brand experiences don’t feel like a typical ad.

Data has it that streamers with more frequency on branded experiences report higher purchase intent and brand favorability— an indication pointing out to the direction of consumer satisfaction coupled with brand building. 


Brand Experiences Trigger Purchase Intent Quickly


There is a tendency of creating an immediate impact on the minds of the consumers about awareness and memorability when video advertising and brand experiences are coupled together. However, both types of ads are persuasive in different ways: while video ads are driven towards improved opinions on brands, brand experiences are more likely to trigger purchase intent and brand favorability.


Content Relevancy Tops it All


In the end, it’s all about content relevancy. A brand should focus more on delivering content based on customer’s relevancy than to deliver a deeper discount offer that the consumer found irrelevant. When brands focus more on delivering relevancy based content to consumers they tend to respond more favorably to personalized ads catering to their areas of interest. 


My take is- companies should invest in offering curated brand experiences to consumers alongside content discovery as this can be a whole new vista for brands looking to reach finer leads and converting them to long term customers.

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Anshuman Das
Anshuman is the founder and CEO of Muvi. He’s a serial entrepreneur. Prior to starting Muvi, he founded two companies and sold one of them. A man of ideas, he has an unusual capacity for visualizing and formulating new techniques, businesses, and products and a unique flair for turning great ideas into great outcomes. He is currently based in New York.

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