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10 eCommerce Product Video Tips to Increase Trust, Engagement, and Conversion

Ankit Jena Published on : 11 May 2022
ecommerce product video


Creating and producing a quality video is no longer limited to experts. Shooting excellent video shots and taking outstanding HD photos are more accessible than before; you only need a smartphone or a professional camera. We have already discussed best practices for professional-quality photos and product videos. Read on to get some more tips from eCommerce experts.

Basics to keep in mind while making a product video:

  • Avoid shaky video –Use a tripod to make your phone or camera stable, or else you can also use your piles of books to make a DIY tripod. You can use your creative brain and convert anything into a tripod, but the result should be stable!

  • Get the perfect shot: Don’t rest till you get the best. Take various photos and videos from several angles, and then choose the best one to include in your final video. 

  • Keep Focus on the product – While shooting your product video, ensure your background is not disturbing or distracting the audience. Distraction might let the audience lose attention to your product. Taking a white or black background makes it easier for the viewers to focus on the development.

  • Showcase Product’s Scalability – while showcasing your product in a video, you might want to portray it to show how huge your product is—items such as jewelry and knick-knacks that are intended to be displayed need scalability show-off.

  • Avoid vertical video: Rotate your phone camera sideward and shoot in landscape mode. Vertical video doesn’t look professional when played on a traditional video player.


ecommerce product video


The Role of Lighting in product video

Lighting is one of the vital aspects of photo and video shooting. If the studio or the environment where you are shooting your product video doesn’t have proper lighting, it might affect the video footage resulting in low-quality video output. Here are some essential lighting tips:

  • Shoot it in a well-lit area: Try shooting video footage outside or in an interior space with huge windows allowing maximum sunlight to enter the room.

  • Use Maximum Lights in Indoor Shooting- if you are not near a bright natural source, turn on all the lights in the room. If it is dark, add some extra lamps.

  • When setting up direct light sources, watch out for unpleasant shadows – if you are planning to shoot a huge number of product videos, it may be worthwhile to invest in a lightbox. Professional lightbox will ensure that the lighting is consistent across all your photos and videos.


The Role of Audio in product video

Like lighting, audio is also one essential part of the video-making process that can make or break your video quality. Videos with lousy audio quality can distract the audience and even force them to close and jump on another video. Here are a few audio tips to keep in mind while shooting your product video:

  • Choose a quiet spot: Always prefer shooting your product video in a soft area because background noise can sometimes create distractions.

  • Place your camera close in case of no external microphone – if you don’t have an external microphone, ensure your camera is closer to the subject to catch the voice easily.

  • Test before you shoot: Before you shoot, record a test clip to see how it sounds. Plug headphones into your camera to hear the audio quality and find out errors.


10 Tips to Boost Trust, Engagement and Conversion


People Loves Watching Real Reviews of Your product

The modern-day audience no more believes in fancy videos saying the best things about your product. They prefer watching genuine reviews of your product. They want to explore how your product survives real-world conditions. Shooting and making live a real review video builds up brand awareness, resulting in a higher conversion rate.


User-Generated Video Reviews are essential

User-generated video reviews are pure gold and are essential to boost engagement. If you want total views on your product video, try setting up an automatic email to encourage users to upload a quick video review of your products. You can also offer your audience a compelling incentive to attract them to do this.


Facebook can help achieve higher engagement

Product video posted on Facebook gets further reach and better engagement than any basic ad. Make a fantastic product video of one of your top products and try to get people hanging out on Facebook to engage.


Videos can be used for higher rankings on search engines

Nowadays, SEO is all about engagement, and if you get users to spend more time on your website and ideally even click around, Google will consider those actions as a signal of trust and content fit. Thus, videos can be used tactically to accomplish those goals.


Bringing Out Emotions behind your brand can build brand loyalty 

Bringing out the emotion behind your brand and letting the audience know what your brand is passionate about can build brand loyalty across the audience. Bring out the feelings rather than just focusing on the product you are selling. It will bring your audience closer to your brand and create loyalty amongst your audience.


Video helps the audience envisage what a product would be like

Online shopping restricts consumers from touching and feeling the product before purchasing it. However, the video brings consumers one step closer by bridging the gap and making it easier to imagine what a product would be like and thus resulting in increased conversions. Video testimonials are an excellent method to let customers experience your product, and that’s something Amazon has capitalized on.


Show Consumers How to Use Your Product in the Best Possible Method

Create videos teaching consumers how to use your product. When customers buy a product, they search online to find a guide to use the product, and making a video explaining the process to use the product shows them that you care about their needs. These tutorial videos are great for letting customers get acquainted with your product. You can take help from popular vloggers or social media influencers to promote your products. You can offer them a free sample to test your product in their video or run a lottery/contest together and give away one of your products as a prize. It would help you get maximum word-of-mouth marketing leading to more sales.


Videos can do wonders in boosting your conversion rates

Videos are more engaging than images or texts and can-do wonders in boosting your conversion rates. In a video, you can put as much information in 30 seconds of your video as in half a page of text; Visitors don’t have much time and patience reading out the texts. So, the video gives you the best method of engaging customers and thus increasing conversion rates.


How can you use video to boost sales?

  • Create a product demonstration video
  • Do an unboxing video
  • Take benefit of user-generated content


Video gives the best demonstration of a product

Videos can be an excellent tool for giving product demonstrations to your potential consumers compared to still images or any written descriptions. Show consumers how it works and let them observe your product.


Video gives an exceptional user experience

Video provides a huge opportunity to deliver an outstanding user experience on category pages. A 30-second video explaining the differences between the brands, models, or whatever options they have to drill down is better than several SEO copy paragraphs. Additionally, product demonstration videos help drive more traffic from YouTube.  



Video is a powerful method to communicate your brand story and build relationships with your consumers and potential customers. The eCommerce industry can use an explainer video to show how their product or service works. Adding a product video on your website or application can drastically boost your conversions and increase trust amongst your users. Additionally, a video embedded on your website is more likely to appear in Google Search.


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ecommerce product video

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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