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Changing Face of eCommerce Industry with Recurring Billing

Ankit Jena Published on : 24 February 2022
ecommerce recurring billing


Subscription-based businesses have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s a streaming service, SaaS product, or DTC retail brand, subscriptions have ventured some way or the other into all forms of industries. But have you ever wondered, why are subscription-based billing models so popular these days? 

Subscriptions become popular for one main reason: convenience. Such models allow companies to realize the value of recurring revenue, while also providing customers with the amenity of regular and predictable deliveries of goods and services. Earlier the e-commerce industry was operating with the subscription or recurring-based revenue model by purchasing a complete set of hardware solutions with additional payment for maintenance or up-gradation of the system. However, the evolution of technology and the SaaS industry has bought an enhanced method of dealing with recurring revenue to the e-commerce industry. The SaaS-based robust ecommerce recurring billing software gives businesses an advanced and completely automated solution that streamlines business transactions efficiently.


ecommerce recurring billing


The opportunity of ecommerce recurring billing

There has been a rising tendency in consumer buying habits. All that a consumer expects from any online purchase practice is a hassle-free shopping experience and maximum satisfaction. That’s what a subscription-based business model has served since its inception. Traditional online purchase was all about a rare one-time purchase to see how it works and modern-day purchase is all about recurrently ordering products or hiring services to enjoy convenience and flexibility. Automated billing solution for the e-commerce industry gives a predictable revenue recurrently.

This model can be a lifeline for e-commerce businesses going through tough times like COVID-19 Pandemic. Predictable revenue allows companies to order and manage inventory more competently. And adding to this, with a recurring payment business model, stakeholders understand a customer lifecycle value and wisely spend on acquisition in slow-selling seasons. Ecommerce subscription can also help brands boost repeat purchases with a loyal subscribed customer base.


Sectors in e-commerce that needs an automated billing system


Daily-life Grocery

Online purchase has rapidly become the need of this generation to save time and money. When it comes to purchasing daily-life grocery items, people prefer to purchase monthly, quarterly and stock them to avoid any sudden unavailability of items. The list of grocery items remains the same because we need the same number of groceries every month or quarter. Subscription-based consumption can help users recurrently set a list of items on their shopping carts and choose the recurrent delivery option of these products within a particular interval of time. This will save the time of going online each time and searching the groceries, adding them to the cart, and ordering them by making payments. Automated billing solutions help businesses boost their sales and increase customer lifecycle value.

But what happens when there is a hike or cut-down in the price of any grocery item? If there is a price change of any product, customers can be notified by sending a draft invoice including the new price of some products to the respective customer’s email or another communication channel. A custom invoice allows businesses to make settlements according to the new pricing structure of the products. After getting the consent of the user on the draft invoice, businesses can go forward with automated delivery of products and payment   


Day-to-day house essential products

Day-to-day home essential products like cleaning agents, vacuum products, broom, dustpan, dustbin bags, candles, bathroom essentials, plastic wrap, aluminium food wraps, and many more are also frequently bought by consumers within a particular interval of time. These are the things that everyone must have in their home to ensure cleanliness and safety. To ensure there is no shortage of these products, users tend to save a list of items in their e-commerce accounts and prefer to set them on a recurring delivery and payment method. By integrating an automated billing solution, e-commerce owners can sit back and relax and let the tool do the job.


Pet Supplies

Human society is thankful for the revolutionization of the internet. Several pet owners are enjoying numerous benefits of buying pet care products online from the comfort of their homes with pets sitting right beside them. Again, ensuring maximum availability of pet supplies is highly significant because it helps keep pets healthy and happy. Consumers prefer setting a list of pet supplies items and keep paying for them recurrently. That’s where the need for an automated billing solution arises. Businesses with pet care products can easily integrate recurring billing systems to their e-commerce platform and ensure constant revenue flow and gratified consumers. 


Bringing the change with Muvi Billing

Muvi Billing is an all-inclusive subscription management software that helps businesses accept recurring payments, deliver custom invoices from one single screen. It is intended specifically for dynamic, recurring businesses that are searching for a tool to automate the entire payment process. Start a 14-days free trial to see how it can be helpful for your business to manage the revenue process seamlessly.


ecommerce recurring billing

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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