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How Project Transparency Can Boost Your Team’s Growth?

Ankit Jena Published on : 24 November 2021
project transparency


Employees prefer openness in the workplace. Most employees want their future company to be transparent. Project transparency is a term that is mostly discussed as well as used in most of the companies in the 21st century.

Some companies might assume that transparency can be harmful and even risky to a project’s success. However, transparency in a project has its own advantages that outweigh any potential risks.   


What does project transparency mean?

Project transparency is the practice of maintaining an honest and open relationship with all your team members or employees. It allows you to have an open communication channel among all team members. From the managerial point of view, it is all about being honest with the team about the project. There is a definite link between project transparency and employee engagement or happiness. And this relationship helps companies head towards success rapidly.

Moreover, lack of project transparency can create distrust among the employees, which can lead to poor communication and eventually, affecting the project performance.    

Using workflow management software where employees  can access all relevant information about the project  is one of the best ways to ensure a happier and efficient team.


How does project Transparency help Boost Team’s Growth?

Earlier project information was not readily accessible to each employee. Stakeholders or the project managers were the ones who used to have all the access and information. This lack of transparency led to distrust and antipathy among the employees. However, development of workflow management tools made it easier for the companies to start implementing it into their existing workflow process and save the projects from facing any obstruction. Here are some reasons why you should emphasize on project transparency:


Create trust and boost teamwork

Project transparency leads to honesty and openness in the team. It enhances teamwork as a single unified component and boosts trust between project managers and employees. Eventually, the combination of trust and teamwork helps employees share valuable insights to their co-employees and help them easily understand what the client is demanding and how the problem can be resolved. Team members will help each other because they will realize team’s success is as important as their individual accomplishment. Also leaders should consider the specific needs of the employees and automate many of the tasks to save time and money for the business using tools for managing employees.


Lets employees see the big picture

Each employee wants to realize his or her contribution to the major goals and vision of the company. Transparency and visibility on the overall progress, and the project scope allows team members to observe how his/her task fits in the process and how other co-staffs are depending upon him/her to complete their part. Transparency of the task status can help co-workers to help each other instead of turning to the manager and complaining about the slow progress. Giving team members a larger picture of the project status supports collaboration and initiative-taking.




Makes Collaboration Easy

Teams that collaborate well get enhanced results. Open communication plays a major role in project collaboration. Transparency eliminates the communication gap and prevents individual team members from working in isolation even if they are working remotely. Ultimately, project collaboration helps the team to identify and solve the problems quickly.    


Choosing the right project management tool to attain transparency

Right project management tool is highly essential for project transparency. Choosing the best business process management software can offer you a ready-made framework that works well for your team and the transparency required to become successful. Good project management software like Deltek Ajera, big time software will show everyone the big picture and encourage the team members to chase individual as well as team’s goal.

One such project management tool is Jira, which is popular for its ability to handle complex projects while also being adaptable for everyday tasks. Jira allows teams to break down large projects into manageable steps, estimated in units called Jira story points, and visualize them using Kanban boards or Scrum boards. This transparency fosters collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page, ensuring that individual efforts contribute to the overall team goals.


Tattle Can Help You Improve Transparency!

Tattle is more than just project management software. It is a complete solution to integrate, automate, and customize workflows with simple checklists. It helps your team to find redundant tasks and identify potential areas of improvement. It helps you create an ideal workflow without any coding.

Its advanced algorithm and developer-friendly APIs help easily connect with your website or app and several other popular third-party business applications.

The collaborative workflow feature of Tattle allows you to convert your conversations on email, phone, and chat and web requests to tickets in just one single click.

Some additional benefits of Tattle are:

  • Unlimited customization
  • Bespoke and user-friendly UI
  • Tough security with auto-reporting of unauthorized access

Tattle is not limited to those above-mentioned features; you can enjoy several other helpful aspects of Tattle without any knowledge of coding. Start a 14-days free trial to witness how it can help achieve project transparency.  


Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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