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How To Create Your Own Fanhouse & OFTV?

Debarpita Banerjee Published on : 07 August 2023
How To Create Your Own Fanhouse & OFTV?

Fans have always been the backbone of any content creator. And with apps like Fanhouse, that connection becomes even deeper. These apps allow content creators to share regular updates and videos exclusively for their fans so that these fan communities can be built and nurtured. Over time, such apps have shown an amazing impact on the growth and popularity of content creators. 

What started as nurturing and communicating with fans turned into a revenue-generating model soon. Apps like Fanhouse, OnlyFans, and OFTV allowed content creators to monetize their content so that their fans could pay to support their favorite creators. 

In this blog, we will debunk all these platforms for you, tell you the features that make them so unique and popular, and how you can create one such platform of your own, without coding. So, let’s begin!

What is Fanhouse?

What is Fanhouse? Fanhouse is a platform where content creators can release exclusive behind-the-scene, and other fan-only content to their fan community. They can monetize their content so that the fans can pay and support their journey.

Fanhouse is a platform where content creators can release exclusive behind-the-scene, and other fan-only content to their fan community. They can monetize their content so that the fans can pay and support their journey. 

It has basically three main benefits:

  1. You can connect with your fans and share your updates with them, which helps in making your bond with them even stronger. 
  2. Fanhouse lets you chat with your fans using Housechats, so you can answer their questions and get to know them personally. 
  3. Your fans also want to support you monetarily. So, they can buy access to your content, and you can earn a good amount of revenue from them. 


Major Features of Fanhouse

Fanhouse lets you create an online fan community where you can freely interact with your fans, and they can know all the updates about your journey as a content creator. Let’s walk you through some of the unique features that make this platform so popular. 

Major Features of Fanhouse are Housechats, Badges, Integrate With Other Platforms, Safety Features


Housechats is an exclusive chatting platform within your fanhouse community, where your fans can interact with each other. Since you are a part of this community too, you can chat and collaborate with your fans, reply to their questions, and be a part of their conversations. 


You can reward your loyal fans with fan badges, that will encourage them to remain loyal to you in the future too! These fan badges signify that just like they support you, you want to value and support them too. 

Integrate With Other Platforms

You can integrate multiple platforms like Spotify, Twitch, and Discord. Then, you can connect with your fan community through these platforms too! 

Safety Features

Safety is a big concern when it comes to building such a vast fan community. But Fanhouse lets you implement unique watermarks that prevent any form of piracy attempts on your content shared on this platform. 

What is OFTV?

What is OFTV? OFTV, also known as OnlyFans TV, is an exclusive platform where OnlyFans creators can share member-only content with their fans.

OFTV, also known as OnlyFans TV, is an exclusive platform where OnlyFans creators can share member-only content with their fans. In a way, it is a place where the fans of specific OnlyFans creators can gain access to exclusive additional content developed by these creators that is not available anywhere else.  

The fans can pay the asked price for accessing these content, and hence the creators can earn revenues from these content to support their content creation journey. 

Major Features of OnlyFans TV

There are some features that make OFTV stand out amongst the other fan-specific platforms. We have tried to highlight some of those features below. 

Major Features of OnlyFans TV are Multiple Genres, Accessing Though Smart TVs, Dark Mode

Multiple Genres

OFTV has divided its content and its creators into multiple genres, like fitness, music, comedy, podcasts, wellness, beauty and style, food, sports and gaming, and many more! 

Accessing Though Smart TVs

Along with smartphones running on Android and iOS, OFTV is available on multiple smart TVs and streaming sticks, including Android TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. 

Dark Mode

OFTV offers a dark mode too, that can be activated by clicking on the button situated next to the search bar. 

Why Should You Create Your Own Fanhouse & OFTV-Like Application?

If you are a content creator, your fans are your most important asset. If your fan community is strong, you can easily float through hard times. To build a strong and loyal fan base, communicating with them at regular intervals, and making them feel valued is important. Apps like Fanhouse and OFTV help you achieve that.  

Let’s navigate some major reasons for having your own fan-only application. 

Stronger Connection with Fans

Applications like Fanhouse let you connect with your fans directly, while OFTV lets you share exclusive updates and videos that can be accessed only by your loyal fans. This makes your fans feel that they are being valued. Hence, your bond with your fans grows stronger. 

Enhancing Fan Base

Since these apps help you share a lot of exclusive content that only your fans can access, more and more people become interested in joining this platform. Hence, your fan base keeps expanding exponentially. 

No Restrictions on the Type of Content or Monetization

If you own the platform, you will not have to follow any stringent rules and regulations regarding the type of content or monetization options. You can deliver all types of content and monetize them as you want. 

How To Create An App Like Fanhouse & OFTV?

You can create an app like Fanhouse and OFTV using any of the three ways given below. 

1. Build from Scratch

You can build your app from scratch. Hence, you will be responsible for designing the UI and UX and then coding the entire app. Once the code is ready, you will have to test and debug it too! You can even hire a few developers on a freelance basis to help you out in this process. But in any way, it is going to be an extremely time-consuming and expensive approach. 


In this process, you will be able to add whatever features you want to add. 


It might take you months and even years to complete the development of your platform. 

2. Connect with a Development Firm

To ease things out, you can connect with a development firm. So, a development firm is an organization that takes development projects from clients and completes them on their behalf. It might save you some effort, but it will cost you heavily when it comes to privacy and security. 

Since these firms will always have your source code, they can use them again. Also, if you want to rework your base code for some reason in the future, you might have to go back to them to understand the code in the first place, and then pay them again as they might treat it as a new request. 


It will take less time when compared to the previous approach. 


No privacy of source code, chances of getting reused are really high. 

3. Use No-Code Platforms like Muvi One

No-code platforms like Muvi One provide you with the easiest way to develop your own fan-only platforms like Fanhouse and OFTV. The major benefits of using such a platform are:

  • You don’t need to write a single line of code! You just need to customize the templates based on your business needs. The support executives will help you out if you need help with customizing.
  • You don’t need to invest thousands of bucks in developers and wait for endless days. No-code platforms like Muvi One are pocket-friendly and customizable as well. Also, you don’t need to go through a tedious process of hiring developers and waiting for endless periods of time as Muvi One will do the job for you in a really short time frame – Time to Market is really quick!
  • You get 100+ features built-in. This list of features is quite varied and covers all vertices. From a built-in CDN server for low-latency streaming to built-in DRM and geo-blocking for security and privacy, everything is included! 
  • You get built-in analytics to track the performance of your content. You can check how many views it got, from which country and through which device. 
  • You can get a lot of marketing tools and solutions like built-in SEO tools, recommendation engines, and email marketing tools that come out of the box. 
  •  You can integrate your platform with multiple third-party platforms like Zoom, Shopify, and more! 


Fastest and easiest way to develop your platform. You can launch your platform almost instantly. 


Some platforms might ask for a share of your revenues. That is why, you should choose Muvi One as we believe in the No Revenue Sharing policy ?. 

How to Use Muvi One to Develop Your Own Fanhouse or OFTV?

You must be wondering how to create your own Fanhouse or OFTV using Muvi One! No worries, we are here to guide you through the process. You just need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Sign Up With Muvi One

How to Signup with Muvi One

First, you need to sign up with Muvi One. You can click on the Sign-up link to enter the sign-up form. As soon as you complete the registration process, your 14-day free trial will begin!

Step 2 – Choose the App You Want to Build

Choose the app that you want to build

Along with the platform, If you want to develop any other app, like Android, iOS, and smart TV apps, then you will have to choose the app from our apps section. Muvi One lets you develop apps for 16+ OS environments!

Step 3 – Design and Customize

Visual Designer

After choosing the app, you will have to choose a design template for your platforms and apps. You can do so from our template marketplace

After selecting the template, click on the “Customize” button below that template, to enter the Visual Designer. 

Using the Visual Designer, you can customize the look and feel of your platform. You can add a logo, customize the banners, customize the menu buttons, and alter the design of your platform. 

Once you have done all the customization, click on save and publish to make the design live on your platform. 

Step 4 – Enable Content Partner Portal

If you want to invite multiple content creators to your platform, you can do so using our content partner portal. For that, you will have to enable the content partner portal from the Content Management section of our CMS dashboard. 

From Content Management, go to the Content Settings option, and enable the Content Partner Portal. 

Step 5 – Enable Muvi Minis 

From the Content Settings itself, you will be able to enable Muvi Minis too! 

Muvi Minis lets you share short videos (like the ones we see in YouTube Shorts and TikTok) with your fans. Enable it only if you are interested in posting short videos. 

Step 6 – User-Generated Content

User-generated content will help your fans post their content on your platform! You can enable user-generated content from the Content Settings. You can also enable the review content feature so that you can review the content uploaded by the fan before it goes live on your platform. 

Step 7 – Upload Content

Add Content Muvi One

Now, you can start uploading your content to your platform. For that, you will need to go to the content library and click on the “Add Content” button. Once the content form appears, you just need to fill it up and upload the video! 

Step 8 – Setup Subscription and Monetization

Monetization Muvi One

Finally, you need to set up your monetization models and pricing plans! You can do so from the “Monetization” section of our CMS. 

We allow you to apply multiple monetization models, like subscriptions, ads, coupons, PPV and PPV bundles, vouchers, and more! 

All Set For The Launch! 

You are now all set to launch your own fan-only platform and app! Do not forget to promote the platform on social media after launching it. 

To Sum Up

Apps like Fanhouse and OFTV help content creators deliver fan-only content, which in turn helps them in developing and nurturing their loyal fan base. There are many ways to develop your own fan-only platforms like Fanhouse or OnlyFans, but using a no-code platform like Muvi One is the easiest way to do so! 

Muvi One offers multiple built-in features like:

  • Built-in CDN
  • Built-in DRM
  • Dynamic Watermarking
  • Geo-blocking
  • 4K Video Streaming
  • ABR-supported streams
  • Podcast Support
  • Support Bonus Content
  • Add Multiple Admins
  • Multilingual support
  • Subtitle support
  • Multiple payment gateways

and many more…

Most importantly, you can develop a Fanhouse-like app within minutes, without writing a single line of code! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with Muvi One to start your 14-day free trial today! 


What is Fanhouse?

Fanhouse is a platform for sharing exclusive behind-the-scene, and other fan-only content by popular content creators. Thus, the fans can get regular updates from their favorite content creators, get additional content, and can pay the creators for these content to support their journey. 

What is OFTV?

OFTV is an exclusive platform where OnlyFans creators can share additional content only for their fans. They can monetize these videos and earn revenues from them. 

Is Fanhouse free for creators?

Fanhouse is not free for creators. It takes 10% of the revenue generated by the creators as its platform fee. 

Is OFTV free for creators?

No, OFTV takes 20% of the revenues generated by the creators as its platform fee. 

Is Fanhouse the same as OnlyFans?

No. Fanhouse and OnlyFans are two different platforms with similar functionalities.

Are there ready-made solutions available to build my fanhouse platform?

Yes, you can use no-code platforms like Muvi One to build your own Fanhouse-like platform without writing any code. You get everything built-in. 

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Written by: Debarpita Banerjee

Debarpita is a Content Writer with Muvi. With around 2 years of experience in content creation, she has worked across industries like SaaS, EdTech, eLearning, AR-VR, and Metaverse. She believes in delivering content that can be of some value to the readers. In her free time, she likes to try her hand at website and app development.

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