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How to set up Live Streaming for Weddings and Events? 01 September 2021

How to broadcast wedding events


As an event planner or events business owner, your success depends on your ability to bring in new business and organize flawless events. As the competition is fierce, you should explore trends and attract customers towards your services.

One such trend is ‘Live Streaming‘, which has become very popular in the event industry. Thanks to technology, streaming is now an easy process and anyone can broadcast live events around the world. ‘Live Streaming of Weddings’ is creating great buzz across the web as people love to celebrate their lifetime moments without their loved ones missing the event or who are unable to attend the celebrations.

But, live streaming is not just about sharing a personal video; event planners are now taking the ‘Virtual Weddings’ as their standout offering to their clients today. If you are looking for the best ways to launch the ‘Virtual Wedding’ offering for your clients, this blog will help you on how to broadcast the weddings for your clients without expensive setup and professional help.


Live Stream the Weddings


To kick-start the virtual wedding as your service, you should make sure that you choose the right streaming platform to avoid interruptions. There are many live streaming options available in the market that can help you to stream weddings and other events as well. But, if you are thinking about broadcasting it in a more professional way without just an OTT or VOD platform, a professional live streaming platform like Muvi Live can help you. Let’s dwell on the steps to understand how to broadcast your wedding event.


Steps to an Unforgettable Live Wedding Toast


Before going into the process, make sure that as a wedding planner, you are ready with the live streaming equipment with a portable high-speed internet device and encoding software along with the other essential equipment.

Let’s begin the steps:

Step 1: Signup with ‘Muvi Live’ and fill in all the parameters for Live streaming

Step 2: Configure the streaming encoder like OBS studio or vMix to generate a stream key or server URL when you start live streaming

Step 3: Output stream generated HLS link, which you can embed on your website or social media handles to let the guests watch the wedding live

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is the most used encoder software in live streaming, but you still have options like vMix Switcher Studio, Streamlabs, and Wirecast, whichever is convenient for you. Beyond this list, the Muvi Live platform is compatible with all the latest streaming encoders in the market today.


Do you feel that Encoding software is more techy to handle and not sure how to use OBS to live stream wedding events? Don’t worry, Muvi Live App can help you live stream your events without the need for encoding software. Here is how you can live stream using the Muvi Live App in just a few clicks.


Live Stream the Wedding using Mobile


Once you are done registering and subscribed to Muvi Live for live streaming, You can install the Muvi Live app from the app store and log in with the same credentials you have given during registration.


Steps to broadcast your wedding without encoding software:


Step 1: Tap on ‘Start Stream, and click on ‘Yes’ to confirm. Tap on the ’Go Live’ option at the bottom of the app and allow app permissions.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds to connect with the Muvi Live Server. Once connected, live stream using your mobile camera, you have an option to switch front and back cameras during the live stream.

Step 3: Share the live stream feed using the HLS URL automatically generated when you start streaming & embed it across the social platforms and website to share it to the guest list.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Stop’ option at the bottom to end live streaming.


If you are planning to offer a virtual wedding and events as a service to your clients, Muvi Live platform and Muvi Live App is the best option for you. Take advantage of Muvi Live free trial period and enjoy 60 minutes of live streaming. To stream without interruptions, subscribe to Muvi Live today and enjoy the goodies of broadcasting the lifetime event.

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Lavanya Lanka
Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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