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YouTube vs. Muvi Live: Which Platform is Best for Live Streaming? 29 May 2024

Hello, live streamers! Are you still live streaming on YouTube and letting it take away more than 45% of your ad revenues? If your answer is yes, then you are not the only one. YouTube is one of the most … Continue reading

Muvi Live Pricing Explained 19 October 2023

Warm greetings to the live streamers who have joined Muvi Live, the best live-streaming software platform in the market. Muvi Live comes with an array of industry-leading features such as DRM-based content privacy protection, mobile streaming capabilities, live recording, a … Continue reading

Decoding Live Sports Streaming Services: Top 5 Platforms for 2023 06 October 2023

Watching sports live on OTT has become the most easily accessible way of watching content. Today, with the growing high-speed internet and the increasingly affordable streaming devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc., the future of sports live streaming is … Continue reading

Getting Started With Muvi Live 21 September 2023

Hello, live streamers! We are glad to have you on Muvi Live. It’s time for a quick introduction.  Muvi Live is one of the pioneers in the live-streaming SaaS industry. Using Muvi Live, you can launch and run multiple 24×7 … Continue reading

Enjoy Uninterrupted Flexible Live Streaming With Muvi Live’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) Feature Update 23 May 2023

Are you thinking about opting for a live-streaming software solution but are still trying to figure out your audience and therefore the bandwidth usage? Muvi is happy to cater to your requirements and has introduced the new Pay As You … Continue reading

Building a Live Streaming Platform that Performs: Key Platform Features 13 April 2023

Live streaming has become an increasingly popular way for individuals and businesses to share content with their audience. With the rise of available platforms and growing online video consumption, live streaming has become more accessible and widely used than ever … Continue reading

How to set up Live Streaming for Weddings and Events? 01 September 2021

  As an event planner or events business owner, your success depends on your ability to bring in new business and organize flawless events. As the competition is fierce, you should explore trends and attract customers towards your services. One … Continue reading

Top 5 Analytics and Reports you should have on your Streaming Platform 29 July 2021

  Analytics and Reports play a big role in the success or failure of any business, same is the case with OTT Platforms. OTT and VOD players rely on analytics and reports to get a better understanding of consumer insights … Continue reading

How to Live Stream Professional Events from your Mobile Camera? 04 June 2021

  Did you know that on average, U.S. adults spent 13 minutes per day accessing video apps on a smartphone? From streaming remote online classes to broadcasting professional events, the mobile has quickly become the go-to device for streaming live … Continue reading

Live Streaming Latency: A Glass to Glass Analysis 19 May 2021

The term “Real-time live streaming” is a hot topic in the broadcasting industry and often is a bone of contention between the enablers and the broadcasters. That few seconds of latency during a soccer match can be a real excitement-killer … Continue reading