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Audio/Video Hosting Service

Host Your Audio/Video with Muvi & Stay Assured!

Muvi Server designates a futureproof workflow for your streaming service based on a resilient architecture equipped with features such as intuitive encoding, native HTML5 player, multiple monetizations, confluent billing, payment gateway support, information-driven analytics and more. What you get is a carrier-grade media hosting service that is coordinated, complete, and consistent irrespective of content volume and consumption.

In The Age of Streaming, Stream with a
Noticeable Difference

Host, play, stream, and monetize your video content on Muvi Server and deliver on-demand Anytime, Anywhere on Any platform Web, Mobile & TV. Driven by an adaptive media delivery concept, Muvi server streamlines content delivery at an unparalleled scale curbing bandwidth consumption while ensuring superior user experience.

Trusted by industry spearheads for its robustness and platform-agnostic architecture, Muvi Server ensures optimized delivery of your audio content to all devices with zero lag. Host, play, stream, and monetize bit-perfect music Anytime, Anywhere on-the-fly.

Includes CDN, CMS, Player, and Analytics, Out-of-The-Box!

Enterprise-grade video streaming server software
Built-in Infrastructure
  • Multiple CDN
  • Encoding & Transcoding
  • Flexible API
  • Fully Managed
  • Server-side Security & Firewall
  • 24x7x365 Support
Built-in 500+ Features
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Most Comprehensive CMS
  • Video Library
  • Studio-approved DRM
  • Online Video Player
  • Partner Portal
Built-in Monetizations
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV)/TVOD
  • Subscription (SVOD)
  • Video Advertising (AVOD)

Stream on Every Screen in Every Second, Seamlessly!

The Muvi Difference
  • Reliable Video/Audio hosting at an unmatched scale
  • Stay ahead of the curve with viewer-centric intelligent content delivery
  • Adaptive Player and Dashboard
  • Advanced analytics to change the data into possibilities
  • Easy Integration with White Glove Support
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