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How can Interactive Live Streaming Engage Your Viewers?

Ankit Jena Published on : 04 August 2022
interactive live streaming


Live streaming – a modern and effective method to get engaged with your targeted audience. Recently broadcasters and businesses have found the benefits of live streaming and some of them have already headed towards their first interactive live streaming.

Interactive live streaming is a new method of getting engaged with your audience and also collecting some valuable insights for your business. It allows brands to collect viewer’s perspectives through their active participation in the live streaming session. Interactive live streaming can help businesses to fight the lack of audience engagement and also create a sense of community that their real-life counterparts naturally enable.


Interactive Live Streaming – What is It?

Interactive live streaming is a live video session where the audience gets the opportunity to contribute to the video content in the form of feedback, poll, suggestion, etc. The main idea of making an interactive live stream is to give the audience regular opportunity for interaction and thus increase the chance of getting the viewers through the first phase of the sales funnel. The success of a live stream depends upon how the audience engages with your brand as well as your product.  


interactive live streaming


Why is interaction important?

Passive consumption is no longer a norm. Modern day audience likes to participate and give their inputs to the live sessions. And for businesses this is a golden opportunity to engage with the viewers and get feedback from them.

Interactive live streaming boosts brand reach and audience size and provides an amazing method to outgrow thought leadership and brand loyalty. Interactive live sessions give the opportunity to show the faces behind the brands, and that human-to-human connection can do wonders for your reach.

Interactive live videos also allow the audience to take control of the content and learn some valuable things from the content. Interactive polls and quizzes allow the audience to choose how the stream should go. This control will work in a positive way and help them remember your brand for the next time and remain engaged with your product or service.


Tips to create interactive live stream


Live Polls

Live polls and surveys are effective methods to interact with your audience and ask them valuable questions in real-time. It connects audiences and broadcasters and creates a sense of community. Along with that, the data collected from these live polls can be used later to drive business decisions.


Live Q & A

Q&A are also a great method to either introduce your team or rope in a subject matter expert to interact with the audience. The main idea behind live Q&A is to take questions from the live audience and answer them live so that everyone learns from the answer. It is a smarter method to answer the frequently asked questions or any other concerns of the audience.


Live Audience Chat

The chat section is very valuable for future ideas and updates. Using live chats can help businesses gain instant feedback as well as show your valuable audience how much you care for them. It boosts the percentage of support ticket resolutions and boosts customers loyalty in the long run.



If your business requires to poll an audience at once without having to send out umpteen forms and emails, using online surveys is the best decision ever. It can help you target a wide range of audience types at once and obtain better results.


Gamification and Rewards

Adding some fun games is also quite a good idea to give an amazing interactive experience to your audience base. You can add some fun games like treasure hunts, emoticon-based reactions, and leaderboards to the live sessions. It will keep your audience engaged in a playful manner.



User engagement is the key element that every business strives to accomplish. Making live sessions interactive can offer you a higher success rate and get maximum potential leads easily. Active Participation of the audience will help you gather valuable insights about your targeted audience and streamline products and offerings accordingly. Muvi Live is one of the powerful live streaming platforms that allows creating interactive live sessions flawlessly. You can stream live videos directly from your laptop, mobile, or PC with just a single click. Start a free trial to witness supercool features of Muvi Live. 


interactive live streaming

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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