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Learn How an AI-powered Recommendation Engine Helped Sophie Achieve 10X Growth 31 May 2021


Sophie is a health and fitness enthusiast and shares her success story of using Alie.

“Rare are those individuals who realize their dreams, and rarer are those who accomplish their dreams.”

One such person who comes under the category of ‘rarer’ is Sophie Williams. Sophie is only 23 years old fitness influencer and has achieved her dream of being a successful entrepreneur. 

At a young age, she realized the digital world’s potential and set up her own fitness e-commerce store. She used her ‘fitness influencer’ status to monetize it. 



Using her influencer base and followers on social media, which she gained through posting fitness videos on sites like YouTube and TikTok, she drove massive amounts of traffic to her e-commerce site. However, she struggled to scale her revenues in proportion. She earned more from her endorsements on Social Media than her e-commerce site, and she realized she had to do something about it to ensure a steady income stream. 

She realized that her sales were not so great on conducting thorough research, and often people didn’t come back to repeat purchases. On a dipstick study with her traffic, she found that visitors were facing difficulty finding relevant products, and the cross-purchase strategy was also not so strong.

This was partly due to the custom e-commerce platform and website she had built and the product recommendations it provided; it didn’t have any strong logic or data. Without much analysis, it threw random results from similar categories, clearly not working in Sophie’s favor.  At this moment, Sophie realized that she needed a much powerful AI-based recommendation engine. After thorough research and trying the free trials available, she decided to go with Alie.


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With Alie, Sophie was able to successfully integrate her users’ purchase patterns, clicks and product view history to provide better recommendations. Alie analyzed hundreds of user inputs and interactions on her e-commerce platform. It started to offer relevant recommendations to everyone including the visitors who were at the website to browse, view a product, or add the products to the shopping cart and make a purchase.  

Alie also allowed Sophie to build an upsell strategy and automate purchase recommendations based on a user’s purchase history. After Alie, her email newsletters were bang-on accurate. The users’ app experience also improved as they saw relevant products upfront, which made 1-click purchases a breeze! 

In no time, Sophie saw an uptake in her sales and repeat purchases. She didn’t have to make a new investment or spend on any new marketing technique to acquire new traffic.

Alie – an Ai-based recommendation engine proved to be a game-changer for her. It also made her one step closer to realizing her dream of building a sustainable income through her e-commerce platform. 

Alie uses machine-learning algorithms to recommend products/services to users. It keeps a tab on all the users of a website and creates clusters among like-minded people. To know more about how you can become a successful entrepreneur and take your business to the next level, try the 14-day free trial of Alie.


Disclaimer – This is a use-case example of how Alie can help power better recommendations on your e-commerce store. Sophie has been used in a reference by us and does not exist.


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