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Integrate Multiple Payment Gateways with Muvi One! 12 July 2022

Multiple Payment Gateways


While running a subscription-based streaming business, you must expect end-users to come with several check-out options. Not having multiple payment options can stop them from buying your subscription. Users always look for their favorite payment method while making any transactions and if you want to stay over your competitors, make sure you avail your users with multiple payment options. Muvi one offers integration with 40+ payment gateway options worldwide including PayPal,, FirstData, PayU, CorvusPay, SOFORT, GIROPAY, Rave, PayTabs, Adyen, Stripe, InstaFeez, WorldPay, Braintree, Ecobank, Midtrans, Bank of Beirut, Paygate, etc.


Why should you use Multiple Payment Gateways?

The first and foremost reason to use Multiple Payment Gateways is to offer end-users the choice to pay from their preferred payment method. As discussed above, when customers don’t find their favorite payment option, they might go away from your platform without doing any transactions. Allowing consumers to pay from multiple gateways will make your business scalable and flexible and will also boost customer satisfaction.

The second reason for using multiple payment gateways is to reduce the risk of downtimes or outages in any one of the payment gateway. If a consumer enters the check-out page and can’t activate the service due to downtime in payment processing will get frustrated. However, if your business has multiple payment options, a consumer can try paying from other alternate payment options to get the payment done and start the services with immediate effect.


Multiple Payment Gateways


Integrate Your Payment Gateway

As a streaming business owner, you might also want to integrate a custom payment option. Muvi one can help you with the payment gateway integration of your choice. We provide standard credit card payment gateways to Mobile-enabled payment gateways like M-Pesa or IdeaBiz. We even also support the integration of Bitcoins. If you are ready with technical support and valid documents accessible for your preferred payment gateway, we can help you integrate the gateway of your choice into your platform.


Provide Users with the Flexibility of paying with local currencies 

Choosing Muvi One will allow your end-users the flexibility to pay with local currencies. They can pay using US Dollars, Pound, Yuan, Yen and many more. Our flexible payment integration model will also allow your business to accept local currencies from your country or even accept Bitcoins as payment.


Recurring Payment Facility

The recurring payment is one of the major aspects of any subscription-based business model. Rather than sending the bulk of payment reminders, it’s good to have an automatic recurring-based payment option. It will save time for both business and end-users. We can help you enable a recurring payment system eliminating manual interventions. With recurring payment, your end-users will be automatically charged upon their chosen plan.


No Revenue Sharing

Most of the platform providers would claim for transaction charges, however, Muvi One does not hold you for any transaction charges. That means Zero Revenue Sharing with Muvi One! There is no delay in transferring payment to your bank account.


Carrier Billing Option

Paying through a credit card every time can be annoying for some users. However, the carrier billing option can relieve your customer and allow them easily pay through their mobile wallet. We at Muvi One help you bill your end-users using their mobile operators. Our two-step authentication process and SMS configuration alerts keep your consumers relaxed. You have the option of integrating any telecom provider of your preference including M-Pesa, IdeaBiz, MonetBil, and MTN as carrier billing gateway.  


PCI Compliance

PCI compliant means no information of your end-user is shared with any other third-party source and all credit and debit card or mobile banking information stays secure and encrypted. With Muvi One, you can protect card authorization, user authentication, card data storage, card data transmission, and user passwords.


SEPA Integration

With SEPA integration, you can directly accept bank transfers within your platform. It allows European customers to directly make transactions from their respective bank accounts. It is a simple, easy and fastest method to receive payments. Muvi allows you to integrate SEPA into your streaming platform.


Link Your Payment Gateway with Muvi One!

Muvi includes more than 40+ payment gateways from across the world and it also allows you to deal with the multi-geography audience as well as multiple payment modes along with a multi-currency setup. Take a free trial to see how we can help you integrate with any payment gateway of your choice.


Multiple Payment Gateways

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Ankit Jena
Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 3+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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