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How does Multistreaming Work and What does it entail?

Ankit Jena Published on : 03 August 2022


Multistreaming means we are talking here about multi-destination streaming which is also known as multi-casting or simulcasting. This is the technique of streaming a single video feed into multiple destinations at the same time. It allows you to share your live video content on your website as well as multiple social media destinations like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Why consider streaming on multiple destinations?

Multiple destination streaming allows businesses to reach a large audience base. You can find your targeted audience on the platform where they already spend a lot of time. Streaming on multiple destinations like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can help you connect with your existing audience and also your business to grow on those social media platforms. The main idea of streaming on multiple destinations is to capture the audience on their preferred platform that they are already hanging out on the internet.




The Benefits of Multistreaming


Expand Your Reach

The major benefit of Multistreaming is the ability to expand your reach. Multi-destination streaming allows businesses to broaden their audience base. Not everyone has a Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, or Twitch account, so, streaming on multiple destinations provides the opportunity to connect with more viewers where they are currently present.

Additionally, the more you expand your reach on several platforms the more your brand awareness gets accomplished. Increasing brand awareness will help build loyalty and at the same time will continually grow your audience and keep their visit back again and again for content from you.


Better Understanding of your audience’s perspective

The audience is of different types and has different behavioural patterns on several social media platforms. Content that gets maximum traffic on one platform doesn’t necessarily get a similar amount of traffic on another platform.

Multi-destination streaming can be a great way to find out what type of content the audience prefers on different social media platforms. It can be used to determine which type of live video works and which doesn’t and ultimately will help you adjust your content and streaming destinations accordingly.


Increasing efficiency

Increasing efficiency denotes a smarter way, not a harder way of working. Multi-destination streaming is a smarter method of distributing content on several social media platforms. It ensures all your targeted audience gets an opportunity to watch your content on their preferred social media destination in real-time. This saves your time from going online and reposting your live sessions one by one on different social media platforms.


Enhanced Convenience

We are in 2022 and convenience plays a vital role in the content consumption of this generation’s audience. People always search for supreme convenience to watch their favorite content and multi-destination streaming is the right method of reaching your targeted audience on their convenient channel. 

The audience is more likely to watch content on their preferred platforms and serving them in their favorite destination provides immense convenience to the audience.


How to stream to multiple destinations?

Select an online live streaming platform

First, select an online live streaming platform that will help you create a customizable live streaming solution on your brand’s website and application. Muvi Live helps you deliver brand-defining live video and audio experiences to your audience base. It allows you to stream on multiple screens and platforms without any external support.


Selecting a Multistreaming tool

Multistreaming helps you stream content to your website, app and several other social media platforms simultaneously.

What should you consider while choosing a Multi Streaming platform?
  • Compatibility – Yes, you need a tool that is compatible with your online live streaming platform.
  • Supported social media platforms – While choosing a multi-streaming tool, select the one that allows you to stream to the social media platforms where most of your targeted audience spent their valuable time.


Setting things up

After choosing an online live streaming platform and a Multistreaming tool it’s now time to connect them. First of all, log into your various social media platforms that you wish to stream to. Then, connect them with your online live streaming solution and Multistreaming tool. The process of connecting them is quite easy if both of them allow easy integration otherwise you can configure it manually.

Read out the help articles or reach a technical aid to break down and learn the process of setting up the connection. After configuration of all the steps consider doing a test run to ensure your live stream appears on all the sites you have selected.


Ending Notes

Multi-destination streaming is one of the precious methods for broadcasters looking to reach a wider audience base simultaneously. There are several Multistreaming platforms available in the marketplace, however, choosing Muvi Live is a good idea to enjoy the benefits of hosting live sessions on your own customizable live streaming platform. It offers high-quality live streaming sessions to several other destinations.

Muvi Live also offers a 14-days free trial program to test out the platform and see how it could help your multi-streaming tool to stream to different destinations. Sign-up today and enjoy seamless live sessions on several platforms.


Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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