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Use Your own infrastructure to host your videos with Muvi On-Premise 11 August 2022



Muvi on-premise solution allows you to use your own infrastructure and host your videos. It combines the entire functions and aspects offered in Muvi’s offering along with the advantage of hosting the video locally or else within your own infrastructure. With Muvi, you can use your own infrastructure to link with your preferred CDN or even connect with your local network. This will allow you to eliminate the last mile connectivity gap by streaming videos over your own infrastructure by eliminating the traditional pipe entirely.




Local storage of videos

Muvi On-Premise infrastructure allows you to store and host your videos locally. You can choose either your own server in your local infrastructure or in a datacenter or be a network connected drive. Muvi easily plugs into your storage allowing you to have control and access on your video 24×7. Muvi’s solution will remain on the cloud and will connect to your server or network drive to deliver your videos to your end-users.


Use your own CDN

You can also configure Muvi On-Premise to link with your own CDN. You can choose your existing CDN service or any of your preferred CDN because Muvi is easily pluggable to any CDN. It also allows you to bypass CDN entirely and deliver the videos to your audience on your local network.


Best for Regions with Low Bandwidth

Muvi On-Premise is best suited for regions with low bandwidth or low internet penetration regions where you already have your own network laid down. Muvi can help you deliver videos quickly over the same speed of the internet to your audience.


Flexible Across Closed Networks

Muvi On-Premise solution is deployable in secure as well as closed networks for example hotels, hospitals, aircrafts, ships, Trains, and buses. It is ideal for a closed area where connection to the internet and speed cannot be guaranteed.

We hope you have understood completely about the Muvi On-Premise solution. If you are excited using Muvi On-premise solution, consider taking a free trial now. Stream your contents globally using Muvi now!



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Ankit Jena
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