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My Story: Abhaya Ranjan

Aditya Nayak Published on : 09 March 2022


4 years with MUVI! What inspired you here?

4 years is indeed a long period, but it feels like I have joined yesterday because I never got bored or never felt aside here. The biggest inspirations are the people working with Muvi, everyone is so friendly that I definitely found another family here and obviously every process is very transparent, which differentiates Muvi from other companies. Here, there is always a chance to learn new technologies and you get ample time to explore and work on them. And the most important part is the recognition of my work. I have always got recognized by everyone for every piece of my excellent work, these things always inspired me.


We have seen you grow here. From a Developer to a Manager. What have you learnt in your journey?

I started my journey here as a junior developer then got promoted to a lead and then manager. For once I got an opportunity to handle 8 different teams and more than 20 people one time. I never thought I would have got all these within just a 3-year time frame. In some companies, you will get a promotion on the basis of your experience and the time you spent there but at Muvi we gave more priority to work and dedication. Here, talent is always respected more than the number of years you spent.

From a learning standpoint, I got to learn a lot, such as people management, working with the latest technologies, honed leadership qualities and also improved my soft skill. Growing with Muvi was an amazing experience for me.


How was your team in these years?

In this matter, I always felt a bit lucky as I always get the most talented people in my team to work with and was also guided by the best people. I never felt that I needed to work exhaustingly since my team was so cooperative. I worked with a lot of teams and with multiple different technologies but never felt hopeless since everyone is so supportive here. I always believe, Good teams become Great, as members trust each other enough to surrender the Me for the We. I have that trust with my team.


Would you like to work with us in the future if given a chance?

Yes, definitely. It will be an honour for me to be a part of Muvi again.


What will you say to people who aspire to join us?

If you want to learn, grow and work in a positive environment, then Muvi will be one of the best places to do so. Muvi has so many successful products which have a very good future. Here your career will get a very good shape. Before joining Muvi and after joining Muvi, you can feel a lot of positive difference within yourself remarkably.

Written by: Aditya Nayak

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