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My Story: Manas Mohapatra

Aditya Nayak Published on : 19 July 2022


2016 to 2022: How was this journey? 

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to share my experience with Muvi. I am very glad and proud to say that so far it has been quite an exciting journey. Six years is a very long time, and the best part is that it didn’t make me feel that I have spent so many years in Muvi. It seems that I joined yesterday. In June 2016, I joined Muvi as a Technical Writer. The CEO (Anshuman Das) had taken the interview and selected me for this position. He has been mentoring me from the day I joined to till date. He has been constantly motivating me to take on new challenges and make use of my full potential to execute them. In 2017, I got the opportunity to become the Training Lead. Since then, I am handling the responsibility of Technical Writer and Product Trainer. Along with the role of a Product Trainer, I am also managing other training activities in Muvi. Not only that, but Anshuman Das (CEO) encouraged me to create videos for our YouTube Channel and for our own video website.

Now I am managing different responsibilities which are quite challenging and exciting. In the future, I am striving to take more such exciting opportunities in Muvi and encash these opportunities to make Muvi a better brand and also use these opportunities for my professional growth.


You have seen a roller-coaster time in MUVI. Can you share some unforgettable moments?

Yes, there are so many great moments to share!!! When I joined Muvi there were only 26 employees and 7 customers. Within six months since I joined, our number of customers jumped from 7 to 20. We had celebrated this success at that time and then strived for more such success. Then we celebrated when we reached the 100 customers milestone. Since then, we never looked back. In the present day, we have 200 plus customers and the total number of employees working in Muvi is 250 plus. I can remember when we celebrated our first, Annual Day on August 1, 2017, and since then every year we have been celebrating the annual every year. Awards and recognitions are given to deserving employees. I also received an award on the 2018 Annual Day. That was a great moment for me. But during the pandemic, we couldn’t celebrate the annual day. Every year we go for a picnic to new and exotic places and have lots of fun with our co-workers. Apart from this we also celebrate other festivals on our office premises like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, etc. After the pandemic, a lot of things have changed. Now, most of the employees are working from home, and we have successfully adopted the remote working culture.


What inspired you to stay this long in this company?

There are so many factors that inspired not only me but also other employees to continue their service in Muvi. Even, though I have witnessed many employees after resigning from Muvi, again joined back after a few months/years.

• Most important factor I feel is the trust between the employer and the employee. Everything is transparent. Employees can know every detail about the company which includes, the total number of customers, total revenue, employee details, and more…

• Second important factor is the flat and open work culture. Anyone can reach the senior management (even the CEO) directly without any hesitation. As an employee, you have the freedom to share your ideas, and thoughts directly with the senior management without any hesitation.

• The Third factor is getting appreciated and recognized for your work. You will surely get appreciated and rewarded if you have done your job with dedication and sincerity. You will never get unnoticed for your work.

• The Fourth factor is that you will constantly learn and grow with new challenges you will face every day in the office. In a mutual learning environment, you can learn new things/technology from others and can share your knowledge with others and help them grow in their career.

• The Fifth factor is the “Ownership Culture”. That means you are the owner of your team/work. You can take all the decisions yourself to accomplish the task given to you. That gives you more confidence and helps you build character.

• Last but not on the list is I am passionate about what I am doing as a Technical Writer and Product Trainer. In simple words, I am loving what I am doing here and doing the things that I love to do.


What is your expectation from MUVI?

Muvi has already done so much for its employees and still doing many things for the employees to provide them better work environment, salary, learning opportunities, etc. Besides all these, Muvi provides ESOPs to secure the future of its employees. Now we have flexible working hours as most of the employees are working from home at their own convenient time. In the future, Muvi is also planning to construct its own office building where all the amenities will be available for the onsite employees. But there is always a scope for improvement everywhere. In the coming years, I want to see Muvi among the top 3 OTT companies in the world. If the company grows then we can also grow with it. Employees can get better compensation; career growth and it will make them feel good to work in one of the top OTT companies in the world.


Any words for people who want to join us?

Whether you want to join Muvi as a fresher or as an experienced professional, whether you want to join as a developer, QA, marketing professional, or product manager, you will get a lot of scopes here for your future career growth. The flat and open culture gives you ample chance to implement your ideas and innovation. Muvi’s platform is completely technology agnostic so you can work on any technology. I have witnessed how a fresher has become a team leader and how a fresher has become a product manager. If you have dedication and sincerity, then you can easily touch new heights in your career goal, and no one can stop you from reaching there!!!!

Written by: Aditya Nayak

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