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5 Huge Benefits of Product Notification in Ecommerce

Ankit Jena Published on : 13 April 2022
product notification


It is hard for companies to keep up with the fast-moving domain of the eCommerce industry. Every time the market comes up with a new marketing trend or method you need to approach it for better results. eCommerce is a whole different journey and here consumers always expect a personalized experience while using any particular platform. Personalization is one of the most important aspects that help businesses meet their consumer’s expectations. When it comes to personalizing users’ experience, there is no better method than using personalized communication in your marketing strategy. And here comes the role of personalized product notification in the eCommerce industry.


What is Product Notification?

Product notifications are defined as product-oriented communication with consumers through different channels by brands for various purposes. It offers a unique method to businesses for communicating with users as well as sharing product information with the end-users. To customers, the notifications represent updates on their favorite products and brands.


Product Notification


Benefits of Product Notification in the Ecommerce Industry

The use of multichannel product notification for an ecommerce business has become the most popular strategy in the marketplace. It reduces the cost of customer support service for an eCommerce store. Some studies also claim that multichannel notifications have the potential of increasing customer reach and boosting user engagement by up to 88%.


Greater Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount to any business. It brings in deeper trust and loyalty of users towards a particular brand. Satisfaction appeals to consumers to come back again and again and become regular purchasing customers and as a result, business improves customer acquisition rate. Sending personalized product notifications to help ecommerce businesses maintain a healthy relationship with the end-users. It also helps users know what’s happening at each stage of their purchase procedure.


Keep Consumers Updated

Updated consumers complain less. Keeping users updated with the help of product notifications lowers the rate of client complaints. Consumers usually expect ecommerce businesses to send out notifications at each stage of the purchase process such as receiving, processing, shipping, tracking, delivering an order, and delay in delivery or any unexpected problems in the production facility. Hence, product notification helps consumers stay informed about their purchased product. As a result, it gives a boost to customer retention. Keeping your user updated and engaged by multichannel product notifications can also help you in obtaining feedback and suggestions for products.


Lesser Human Interference

Integrating a multichannel product notification system with a website or application allows businesses significantly reduce human interference needed in following up with consumers. Apart from generic product-related notifications, you can also trigger a custom notification that boosts user engagement without any human interference. For example, you can send notifications for order refills, one-time coupon codes, order feedback, etc.


Conversion of Impulse Buyers

Most online purchases are a result of impulse buying. Maximum time consumers go through several online stores and when they come across a product of their choice, they go for impulsive buying. Businesses can track consumers’ behavior and reach them with special deals and discounts using multichannel product notifications. The multichannel notification has the ability to boost clickthrough rates. When a consumer drops the process incomplete, you can also set up an abandoned cart follow-up notification that tells them to come back and complete the buying procedure.


High engagement rate

Multichannel notifications are delivered instantly on different channels. As a result, it boosts the engagement rate as compared to traditional tactics. Sending informational notifications with valuable content ensures greater engagement than other tools.



The eCommerce industry is becoming more competitive and to survive in this cutthroat competition businesses need to engage in effective strategies for multichannel communication. The multichannel product notification makes communications with consumers easier and faster. Product notification seems to become the most essential part of the daily life of a regular online buyer. This is why integrating a multichannel notification system becomes more important for eCommerce platforms.


Send Notifications across multiple channels with Konviare! 

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Product Notification

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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