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4 Reasons Why Your Videos Need Offline Viewing

Shivashish Published on : 26 March 2024
Muvi Offline

Hosting on-demand and live streams today is easy thanks to the rapidly growing technology. People can consume content like never before and amidst this highly growing video consumption market, there is one limitation that puts a full stop to streaming. An absence of an internet connection is a minor speed bump that can reduce the optimal streaming experience. We are so used to having the internet on our multiple devices that we overlook the fact that if an internet connection is not there, streaming will not happen.

But is that the case? We would like to say a big no to it. Streaming without the Internet is a possibility and a necessity in today’s times where growing technology has led to an increase in security concerns. As a result, a lot of regions are becoming internet-restricted. With the right hardware deployment and software optimization, regions or devices that are supposed to work without the internet can get the video facility.


Why Does Your Video Need Offline Viewing Capabilities?

Accessibility To Internet Restricted Audience

Often we associate the internet as a tool that is available to every individual. However, according to Statista, while a whopping 5.3 billion people are connected to the internet, it still means about one-third of the earth’s population is still not connected to the internet. Not connected to the internet means they cannot access Netflix and start watching a movie or simply log in and start attending Harvard’s free CS50 course.

Hence it becomes a necessity to ensure that such people can also get access to video and this can only be possible by setting up physical servers and streaming content offline.

Streaming In Sensitive Areas

The Internet can sometimes become a huge security risk. Military and other government establishments for example have information that is of national importance and must be protected at all costs. A video solution that is not connected to an active internet network can help such organizations stream any content of their choice by simply storing them in physical servers not connected to any outside networks. 

Platforms such as Muvi Offline can help you deploy secure video streaming at internet-restricted locations by deploying videos on the devices of your choice without the need to connect to any network. 

Entertainment On The Go

Imagine flying at 33000 ft above the surface of the earth or being on a cruise where internet connectivity is near to absent and this can lead to boredom or anxiety. Especially during long hours of travel. Deploying entertainment or information solutions alleviates this issue by allowing users to consume content based on their choices on the go instantly.

Providing offline viewing options contributes to an overall positive user experience. Passengers appreciate the ability to customize their entertainment choices, avoid buffering issues, and have a seamless and enjoyable time during the flight and happy customers are good for any business.

Education Without Internet

The Internet is a boon but also sometimes can act as a source of distraction. Education for example is one such industry that relies heavily on video but as soon as the video goes online, it can face all major issues of piracy and data theft. Not to forget the fact that when you are connected to the internet and you get access to a whole range of content and social media access, studies become difficult as students find it difficult to concentrate.

As a result, several Ed Tech firms have started building tablets with encrypted video lectures that work without any internet and this gives parents the power to control the internet access of their children without compromising on learning.

A lot of corporates face similar security issues if they allow internet access to their employees and hence major ports are blocked. In such situations imparting corporate training while still maintaining the security of the network becomes a task.

 Deploying such systems has become a mandatory part of the educational business and corporates and again, this is another reason why your videos need to have offline viewing capabilities to cater to these enormous markets.


How To Migrate My Content For Offline Architecture?

Muvi Offline is one such software solution that is built to give offline video capacity to your existing video library and infrastructure. The process is easy and here is how it goes on.

  1. As soon as you push a request for Muvi Offline and provide the necessary content and tags, your content will be converted to a format by the Muvi Offline file system and a robust infrastructure based on AWS combined with Apache and NGINX. A combination of these technologies will sync data from the internet at intervals as defined by you and then deliver content seamlessly to the devices connected without them having to access the internet.
  2. The wireless network which can be wifi modems or ethernet cables is given to devices and credentials to share access are set up for each device. In this way, you can also monitor what the particular device is accessing.


Muvi Offline: Bridging Connectivity Gap

Based on the four reasons why you must have an offline video solution, it is quite clear why we need to have an offline streaming solution for our business. An offline streaming solution gives seamless access to users living in no-network regions, protects the intellectual value of the content, and in the end provides a seamless video streaming experience. 

Muvi Offline is built like a talk to provide such streaming solutions by allowing users to connect to private networks where content is stored securely and streamed instantly. With built-in security, it offers an unparalleled streaming experience at their fingertips and it works as if the internet was never gone. 

Starting at just US$ 499/ month per server, Muvi Offline can give access to media to up to 10,000 unique devices every month just with the basic plans. Here are a few features that make Muvi Offline a better choice for offline streaming. Here are a few features that makes Muvi Offline a must for your offline video streaming business.

Features of Muvi Offline


Seamless Access 

From airlines to ships, users can simply scan a URL or QR Code that gives instant access to content to them post credential confirmation, and your system admins can easily track usage from CMS.

High-Quality Content

Create a diverse content library offering playlists and libraries giving your offline platform a Netflix-styled user experience. You can deploy podcasts to movies to entire shows in the highest quality based on the servers selected and your audience is guaranteed to have a great streaming experience.

Secured Offline Streaming

Muvi Offline is built for consumers in areas where the internet is either unavailable or restricted due to security concerns. For businesses concerned about the latter, Muvi Offline keeps all your content safe using Muvi’s robust security infrastructure preventing screen recording and other types of piracy attempts. Also, since no user will ever be directly connected to the internet, chances of unauthorized access are minimized.

Easy to Deploy

Deploying Muvi Offline is easy as you saw from the steps in the previous section. Once you give your requirements and data, Muvi takes care of all the server deployment and CMS setup, and from there on, all admins need to do is curate playlists and make them available for usage via a feature-rich HTML5-based player.

To Conclude,

Muvi Offline emerges as a game-changer in this space, offering businesses an elegant solution to bridge the connectivity gap. Whether you’re soaring in the skies, stationed in high-security zones, navigating remote terrains, or fostering educational environments, Muvi Offline promises to deliver a seamless, secure, and superior streaming experience.

Get connected with our sales team and we will help you set up your offline platform instantly.


Offline viewing refers to the capability of accessing and watching digital content, such as videos, without an active internet connection. It allows users to download media content onto their devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, for later viewing when they are offline.

Use products such as Muvi Offline to set up offline viewing capabilities for your OTT content.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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