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Benefits of Social Media Integration to Businesses

Amita Kumari Published on : 20 April 2022
Social media integration

If we look at the frequently used apps on our mobile devices, in 70% of the cases, social media sites will be in the top 3. Staying at home and browsing social media sites for the daily dose of news+entertainment has become the new normal for us.

  • Currently more than half of the global population is on social media, resulting in the number of social media users reaching 4.62 billion globally as of Jan 2022. 
  • According to Statista, in 2021, the average time spent on social media per day was around 147 minutes, which is self-explanatory of what a business is missing if it does not have a social media presence. 

In the ever-growing online marketing landscape, the top priority of businesses is to grab audience attention. Hence, social media marketing has become a prime part of business marketing and is efficacious in sales and revenue generation. 

For achieving social media marketing milestones, businesses are using social media integration, which acts as a gateway to connect businesses with their targeted customers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what social media integration is and the top social media integration strategies.

What is social integration?

  • Social media integration acts as a marketing tool that uses social media platforms to improve branding and customer engagement.
  • Social integration supports social media publishing by providing options to redirect to a business website from social media accounts and enabling social media account links on the website. By doing this, It amplifies the social marketing rate and generates website and social traffic.
  • You must have seen the social share icons on blog posts, emails, and website pages, which allow users to share the content on their social media accounts. Those icons are implemented by social media integration features.

Social share options enable customers/followers to promote business content/marketing campaigns by sharing them on social media platforms. Social sharing improves brand awareness and eventually leads to lead conversions and partnerships. In addition to leveraging social shares for promoting business content, consider enhancing your marketing strategies by empowering your audience to create a poster that resonates with your brand’s message. This not only elevates engagement but also encourages unique content creation.

Benefits of social media integration to businesses-

1- Improve website traffic and social media followers.

2- Enables businesses to track social engagement through social shares, views, clicks, 

and comments.

3- Boost lead conversion rates and customer acquisition process.

4- Build brand loyalty and a loyal customer base.

5- Supports business promotions and events.

Cloud Hosting Platform

To help you excel in social media integration, here are some of the key strategies to leverage the best benefits of social media integration-

1. Enable readers to comment on your blogs through their social media accounts –

If a blog post is informative and the reader finds it worth reading, the next thing they will do is to post comments/feedback/queries.

By enabling blog comments, and shares, businesses are providing readers an easy way to address their queries and interests. And to post the feedback/queries, it is best to give the option to sign in to the social accounts and comment. It has two benefits. First businesses get user engagement, and second, you can connect with the reader through social media accounts.

Tip- Use Website analytics to track the user information who has left a comment on your blog/content.

2. Implement social integration on your “Thank you” page –

  • When users download content (ex: white paper, email newsletter, pdfs) from your website, or post an inquiry, they get a thank you popup message.
  • By adding a social integration feature to your thank you pages, you are getting the best opportunity to suggest readers share the downloaded content on their social accounts. It is one of the best approaches to indirect marketing and link building.

3. Add social integration on product pages –

  • Sharing interesting things with others is a human tendency. Be it news, funny memes, or new products, when we have a “share to others” option, we feel valued. 
  • Placing a social share option has numerous advantages including brand recognition, sales, and conversions, and has become a new normal for business sites.
  • The social media share plugin feature allows users to share the product details/page with the people they know. Using this feature, users can share product details via LinkedIn posts, private messages, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.

4. Advertise your social media feeds through social media widget –

By embedding social media widgets in websites, businesses get an opportunity to advertise social media feeds on the website pages.

Be it a blog or product page, social media widgets enable website visitors to view all your social media posts on a single page. It acts as a direct social media marketing tool for businesses. You do product marketing, social marketing, and event promotion through a single social media channel.


Businesses that are not using social media integration are missing out on the major opportunity of customer acquisition and business brand building. Social media integration is easy to implement and supported by all professional video hosting platforms. Muvi Flex is one of the most popular enterprise-grade video hosting platforms.

Muvi Flex’s best in industry services include- built-in CDN, mobile and TV app integration, online video player, encoding & transcoding, social media integration, and others.

Flex’s social media integration feature supports seamless social media integration for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube, along with Single Sign (SSO) and retargeting code options.

To know more about Muvi Flex’s professional video hosting services, kindly take a 14-day free trial of Muvi Flex CRM and get a first-hand experience of its real-time functionalities.

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Written by: Amita Kumari

Amita is a content writer with Muvi marketing team. She has over 5+ years of experience in content creation and development. Passionate by heart, she likes to cook, write, sing and do yoga to pass time.

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