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How to Encourage Teamwork in Remote Culture?

Ishita Banik Published on : 27 June 2022
Teamwork in remote culture


The remote work culture has taken over not only the IT and corporate sector but has been getting adopted in the workplaces in diverse sectors. Statistics revealed that more than 4.7 million people work remotely at least half of the time in the United States, while 16% of the companies only hire remote employees. And not only that, in a recent survey, 55% respondents claimed that they can dedicate more working hours while working remotely, compared to the in-office work. 

As the remote culture has become a more popular version of the conventional or so-called work culture, the employers need to focus more on certain areas. One of such areas worth your attention is teamwork. 

No matter what type of business or enterprise you run, if you have adopted remote or even hybrid work culture, you must emphasize more on team building activities for an overall better, productive, and more competitive remote culture. 

But how to implement good team work, or exactly how to encourage teamwork in remote culture? In this blog, we will guide you through that.


Importance of Teamwork in Remote Culture

Teamwork is pivotal in remote culture. Here we have listed out the key pointers that will help you understand the importance of teamwork in remote culture better.

Higher Motivation

It is important to keep your employees motivated in their workplace and teamwork makes it possible even if they are not physically present in the office. Working together to achieve common goals while sharing ideas and strategies to do better makes your employees feel more motivated to contribute through their work. 

Inspiring a collaborative work culture not only drives them to achieve higher targets but also reduces the monotony of working remotely by letting them work closely with their respective teams and colleagues. 

Better Transparency

Transparency in the workplace signifies a healthy work culture. In remote or hybrid work culture, it often becomes difficult to maintain the right transparency level as various operations get executed remotely, where many of your employees often remain unaware about the ongoing process, agenda or plans. But teamwork reduces such difficulties or restraints at the workplace by letting you maintain a transparent and better remote work culture. In this regard, performance tracking fosters transparency and teamwork by establishing clear, measurable goals. In remote settings, this approach ensures everyone understands expectations, priorities, and progress. Clear goals promote collaboration as team members work together, leveraging strengths. Additionally, regular performance tracking identifies areas for improvement, addresses challenges, and celebrates successes, enhancing transparency, teamwork, and productivity.

Increased Productivity

Teamwork can drive the productivity of your employees significantly. By letting them contribute through their joint effort you can ensure higher productivity in your remote workplace. Furthermore, teamwork helps the employees utilize their own expertise, skills, and strategies that only gets amplified through a joint team effort. This in turn increases productivity many fold.


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Guide to Encourage Teamwork in Remote Culture

Now that you have a better understanding of teamwork and its importance in remote culture, let’s guide you through how you can encourage it in your remote work culture.

1. Practice Better Communication

It is recommended to practice effective communication from the beginning. This will make the team building activity smoother and more purposeful. The following tips will help you establish and practice better communication in your organization.

  • Opt for daily communicative meeting even if for a few minutes
  • Do timely catch up calls to keep the respective team up-to-date about individual and whole team work
  • Practice the culture of different forms of communication – verbal and written
  • Based on priority, adopt different forms of internal communication, such as – on call, chat, emails, and others
  • Apart from the communication within teams, also practice good communication for different teams
  • For new employees, teams, or members, conduct ice-breaking sessions to get the communication started and going

And others.




2. Opt for Team Building Activities

Irrespective of the type of your organization, work, culture, and size, team building activities work wonders in bringing your employees together even in virtual work culture, make them feel connected, and above all, drives teamwork. Some of the great team building ideas that you can try are listed here – 

  • Arrange regular business simulations where the employees can resolve various business related simulated problems to sharpen their problem solving skills as well as can be inspired for teamwork
  • Arrange board rooms along with meeting and escape rooms for practicing various work-related activities, brainstorming, and others to keep the teamwork on
  • Host dedicated sessions for creative thinking relevant to your organization and business goals
  • Arrange virtual debate sessions inside the team as well as among various teams
  • Practice group discussions in various occasions such as new projects, lead conversion, sales targeting, marketing plans, HR meetings, and others
  • Host virtual meetings and webinars that encourage the participation of the whole office to grow better professional bond for better teamwork

And others.

3. Celebrate Team Wins

Celebrating team wins is an effective way to inspire teamwork. You can also keep dedicated rewards that can be given to them on a timely basis upon achieving various tasks, targets and other team achievements. Rewarding various teams with – team of the month, or quarter, or year and others, will inspire your employees to engage in even more teamwork. Also, celebrating the team wins over virtual calls will also help them bond better with each other.

4. Implement Cultural Transparency

A good level of cultural transparency paves the way for better teamwork in the long run. In order to ensure your employees actively take part in various types of teamwork, you need to offer enough transparency related to the various teams, their respective members, achievements, work status, and other relevant information. Just displaying the right amount of information on the employee portal will take care of this factor to inspire better teamwork.


To Conclude

A good amount of teamwork can aid in your organization’s success and the above guide will help you adopt the right ways and strategies to inspire teamwork in your organization. However, it is equally important to have the proper discussion, take your employees’ feedback, and update your strategies on a timely basis to make the best out of them.

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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