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The Rise of CTV in APAC 30 September 2021

The Rise of CTV in APAC


Ad spending in CTV is rapidly growing, and much of this movement is coming from the APAC region. Let’s take a closer look at why this sudden surge in CTV use in the APAC region and the conditions driving them.


The Buzz around CTV in APAC

A recent report on how different programmatic video capabilities impact publisher monetization sheds light on some interesting APAC highlights. The findings of the reports clearly show that the CTV ad spending is rapidly growing, from the APAC region in particular. Another trend of mobile video usage has marked a striking momentum and publishers are delving into mobile header bidding to utilize the revenues. APAC is the frontrunner of driving the global mobile header bidding adoption trend.


CTV Viewers in APAC watch for Longer Time

All across the APAC region viewers are watching CTV content for a longer time than mobile or desktop. For example, in Japan there is a 60% increase in watchtime of Youtube on TV compared to mobile and desktop and 30% in Australia and a massive 200% in India. Across APAC, CTV viewers are sitting down to watch for longer periods of time and choosing to watch longer videos. 

Watching CTV, according to the Japanese viewers is a satisfying experience- it’s easy to use and it lets them watch for hours on end in the most comfortable positions.


What Kind of Content They are Watching

All across APAC, people are watching a wide variety of content- from sports and travel to cooking and more. 

Baseball in Japan- 130%

Fitness in Japan – 130%

NRL in Australia- 70%

Humour in India- 140%

Food in Vietnam – 40%


APAC will see Fastest Growth in CTV Spend

Although the CTV adoption trend is just at the nascent stage in APAC, marketers are predicting stronger growth in CTV spend than their US counterparts – with publishers predicting 34% ad spend growth in the format over the next 12 months, vs. 21% for EMEA and 20% for the US.

Within APAC, publishers across the region are expecting to see strong ad spend growth with ANZ or Australia and New Zealand as the frontrunner seeing the strongest growth with 42% followed by 33% for Japan, 32% for SEA and 30% for India.

The reason behind the above mentioned growth rate could be that ANZ has a relatively mature market in terms of viewability, audience verification, and standardization for CTV. Other markets like India and Japan for example have a lack of standardization, a key problem yet to find a solution and also have more fragmented markets.


APAC is the Leader in Global Mobile Video Header Bidding Growth

Additionally, APAC has also achieved a marked momentum in adoption of mobile video header bidding. 54% of publishers in the APAC region are either planning to implement their mobile video header bidding integrations for the first time or trying to expand the same.

This trend cannot be called for a surprise though as most markets in APAC already have a heavily thrived mobile market and that the US and Europe, Middle East and Africa are slightly ahead of APAC already as far as adoption of video header bidding is concerned.


Wrapping Up,

CTV  is an exceptionally powerful marketing tool for building cross platform video strategies. A CTV is a great way to reach new audiences, form a deeper and more meaningful connection and optimize engagement. 

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