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The Role of Muvi’s Enterprise-Grade Streaming Solution for Government & Public Sector

Ishita Banik Published on : 12 September 2022
Government Streaming

Video streaming is no longer confined to just the entertainment sector, but it has become widely adopted in diverse other industries, sectors or domains. Government and public sector is one of such application areas of video streaming where it gets utilized in multiple ways – reaching out to the citizens, educating them on different topics, updating them about the latest notifications, and others. Here’s more about Muvi’s dedicated streaming solution for the government and public sector.

A Sneak Peek into Muvi’s Industry-Grade Streaming Solution for Government & Public Sector

Here’s the top highlights of Muvi’s industry-grade streaming solution for government and public sector.

Videos/Audio for e-Governance

e-Governance has become an emerging area to focus on with the fast-growth of the economy. Video streaming plays an important role to cater to the requirements in this field. Be it exchanging information, or facilitating diverse government services, Muvi’s end-to-end streaming solution can accommodate all the streaming requirements.

Use Case

There is a latest requirement in the e-governance sector to convey some information relevant to the recent governmental services. With this dedicated video streaming solution of Muvi, it will be easily achievable.

Pre-Recorded Videos Streaming

There are times when certain videos need to be streamed again and for that Muvi lets you stream pre-recorded videos easily to let the audience access it on-demand. Not only does it let you create and upload on-demand videos easily but also lets you categorize the playlists as per the requirements such as educational videos, informative videos, announcements, and others.

Use Case

Aeden, an e-governance executive, wants to stream some pre-recorded videos to the citizens and also wants to categorize them. With this solution of Muvi, he can easily do it just from a single dashboard.

Events & Sessions Live Streaming With Low Latency

Live streaming plays an important role in broadcasting government events like live conferences, political rallies, live court cases, government-sponsored festivals, and others. Muvi’s DVR-enabled ultra-low latency streaming not only ensures a seamless streaming experience for the audience but offers them enough control to pause, rewind, and replay the live sessions in real-time. Also, you can easily record such live events and convert them into on-demand videos to stream as and when you want.

Use Case

There is a requirement for live streaming the latest government conference to the citizens to convey the necessary information. With this solution of Muvi, it can be done easily by live streaming the conference to the audience as well as recording and streaming it on-demand for better accessibility for the viewers.

Optimum Content Security with Multi-DRM

Security plays a crucial role in the government and public sector and there is a high chance of security threats during video streaming. Unauthenticated access, sharing, data breaches, and similar incidents are quite probable unless robust security measures are taken. 

But with Muvi’s government and public sector streaming solution you don’t need to worry about security issues as Muvi comes with built-in multi-DRM that provides impenetrable security to all the videos you stream through it. Be it ingestion, streaming, in-app purchases, or downloads – it offers strict security measures at every stage. Muvi’s in-built security solution includes screen recording and screenshot protection, dynamic watermarking, and VPN detection, to name a few, to ensure round the clock security.

Use Case 

One of the live court cases is scheduled to be streamed to keep the intended audience informed about the proceedings but also there should be strict security measures to prevent any kind of unauthorized access or information leak. With this in-built solution of Muvi, one can be completely assured that the optimum security is maintained.

Multiple Languages & Subtitles Support

It is pivotal that the government and public sector videos are comprehensible to the audience speaking different languages. With Muvi’s advanced support for multiple languages and subtitles, now it’s a simple task to implement. 

Not only does it let you add multilingual subtitles to your videos through a few button clicks, but it lets you keep the multilingual translation option on your app or website. As a result, the visitors can simply choose the language they speak in and translate accordingly.

Use Case

The videos of the recent government-sponsored regional festivals are being streamed to the citizens from diverse regions of the country and it is required to interpret it to the regional languages for better understanding of the citizens. With this solution of Muvi, one can easily add multilingual subtitles to cater to this requirement.

Adding Divisions and Agencies as Partners

Muvi’s government and public sector streaming solution makes it easy and fast to let other content partners such as government/public agencies or divisions to contribute with their content. This helps in collaborating and convey information to the audience with ease. One can also control, restrict, or manage the access of the partners through Muvi’s simple-to-use access rights manager.

Use Case

Some of the latest government conferences require several partners to access and manage the videos. Muvi’s this solution will let them do it easily.

Delivering Buffer-free Streaming Experience

One of the basic yet significant requirements for government and public sector video streaming is providing a seamless streaming experience to the audience. And Muvi, being powered by Amazon Cloudfront CDN, ensures optimum streaming quality for each of the audience irrespective of their locations or streaming devices. 

Use Case

The recent videos of the political rallies are being streamed through to the intended citizens and high quality buffer-free streaming is one of the basic requirements for it. With this solution of Muvi, it will be fully taken care of.

Wrapping Up,

Not only these solutions, but Muvi’s government and public sector streaming solution comes with a lot of other perks such as real-time analytics and insights to track, analyze, and optimize the performance of each of the videos, geo-blocking to restrict the access from specific geographical locations, and others. 

Check out our Government & Public Sector Streaming Page to have a better insight. 

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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