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Muvi Live With Third-party DRM integration for an Added protection to the Live Stream 12 September 2022

third party DRM integration


Multi-DRM ensures highest level security to your contents. Muvi Live’s multi-DRM feature ensures that your content is protected from any kind of digital breach like screen capturing as well as illegal access. There are several consumer viewing devices operating in the environment and it is quite challenging for the broadcasters and media owners to protect their contents from malicious intentions. In order to overcome these challenges, multi-DRM is being used to ensure maximum compliance and security without hampering the viewership experience. Muvi Live allows integration of third-party DRM aside from multiple DRMs like Widevine, FairPlay, and Playready to enhance user experience.


Third-party DRM integration


How can Muvi help you with Third-Party DRM?


Support Third-Party DRM

Other than multi-DRM, Muvi Live also supports integration of any third-party DRM with a condition that the third-party DRM must also support live streaming. It provides enhanced User-Experience by providing your audience the opportunity to stream the DRM-enabled live contents seamlessly.


Muvi is compatible with several DRM providers

Muvi Live is compatible with several DRM Providers such as FairPlay, Widevine, Playready and many more. Our multi-DRM protects from illegal access in any form making sure your content is protected. It is not like the traditional DRM which protects your contents through browser plugins by using a token.


Security from every type of Digital Breach

Our third-party DRM integration makes your DRM-enabled live content accessible for viewing on multiple browsers. It also adds more security layers to ensure your live streaming session is protected from any type of unauthorized access as well as illegal screen capturing.

If you are searching for enterprise-grade security for your live streaming session and want to make your platform compatible with multiple DRM providers, consider choosing Muvi. Our team will help you from Data migration to integration in every process. Take a free trial to get an idea of how switching to Muvi Live will be helpful for you.


third party DRM integration

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