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Top Playout Automation Softwares in 2021 21 September 2021

Muvi Cloud Playout


Playout automation is the technology in either hardware or software or both that assists in automating the transmission of TV and radio channel content into the broadcast network from a broadcasting source. The rise in the number of multi-channel video programming solutions anticipated to improve the global playout automation market.


Playout Software

Broadcasters will have the flexibility to incorporate the master controls in the playout automation software. Playout automation software decreases the overall capital expenditure as it makes use of the existing information technology framework. To use the playout automation technology, broadcasters do not need to incur additional expenses.

For those in broadcasting for TV, Radio, playout software has a major role to play. Playout automation software programs were gaining more relevance in the market because of enhanced storage space for hard drives and automatic extensive scheduling for content.

They have more benefits over the traditional tools. Below we have thought of a list of some of the best playout automation software 2021.


Muvi Playout

Muvi Playout, a cloud playout solution, enables you to launch your real-time TV & Audio channel as well as program pre-scheduled on-demand content sequentially in real-time online. You can schedule both on-demand web content and live feeds on multiple direct networks utilizing Muvi’s sophisticated scheduler. It delivers a frame-perfect, coherent on-line TV experience that deals with the web, Android, iphone, and Smart TVs seamlessly!

It comes with an auto integrated electronic program guide (EPG) with the ability to personalize channels, programs per user by using our playout automation platform.

Based upon the event schedule prepared ahead of time, Muvi allows broadcasters to consume multi-format, multi frame-rate live feeds of varied resolution based on created playlists. It also gives access to live streams on several linear & OTT networks at an unparalleled range.


Channel Maker

ChannelMaker is amongst the leading playout automation software applications recognized for its flexibility as well as control on the scheduling of media content of any kind. It features simple scheduling, support for SDI, SD/HD, IP, and also multi-channel control from one workstation.

Besides, it syncs with a comprehensive range of third-party modern technologies that consists of video web servers, graphics platforms and more. Various other features like live feed control, automated EPG are also some of its exclusive features.


Easy Media Suite

For those searching for something less complex as well as easy to use, Easy Media Suite is the best choice. The Easy On Air playout system give access to the customers to drag and drop the from data traveller of the OS to any kind of the playlist.

The most effective part is, there is no limitation on the variety of media documents that can be included in this playlist. It offers UHD 12G or Quad 3G SDI output.

Given that it has a CG render web server within, it supplies computer animation, crawl, roll, video, photo sequences, and so on, that can be included in the playout automation. Moreover, this automated software permits customers to operate as much as 16 SD networks with graphics in one box.

It runs as a stand-alone program that enables control of different networks on solitary System over a network. From automatic discovery of cue tone as well as generation to the capability to have different audio levels, there are plenty of functionalities it offers.


Amagi Cloudport

Amagi Cloudport provides a cloud playout software at a reduced price that automates all the vital procedures. It helps reduce the timetable for launch while making the SLAs better. Besides, the company likewise offers a TV playout software (broadcast-level) at an exceptionally competitive cost contrasted to the traditional program systems. It gives assistance for a wide variety of sound, video, and graphics layouts to supply SD/HD or UHD playout.

It deals with a substantial series of content formats and also transport choices. It can also be conveniently set up to work with any of your current playout systems. Most importantly, being a cloud-based software, it is among the most appropriate automated playout software applications for TV channels.It is one of the most suitable automated playout software programs for TV networks. 



UniplayOne is one of the most powerful and innovative automatic playout softwares suited for satellite TV channels or Cable TV services. The software offers support for SD as well as HD content. It additionally features graphics overlay with outstanding flash capability. It’s known to provide 24/7 crash-free performance and also smooth changing in between media documents and also live video clips. It provides constant playback of media content in the playlist in all significant formats.

The varied range of resolution, framework price, or audio-video Compression is among its various other significant attributes. Additionally, it provides organizing of playlist in time, playlist loop, and also Import & export of Playlist, 24 × 7 playout, immediate online video clip ingest, reduced latency ingest as well as live playout.


What does Muvi Playout has to Offer?

Built in the cloud, Muvi Playout allows you to create multiple live channels from your existing on-demand content and stream across a variety of platforms like web, mobile, and TVs to millions of viewers instantly. All you have to do is to select the video you want to schedule, choose the time slot, and hit the play button. 

Muvi Playout uses its vast content delivery capabilities across satellite, fiber and IP distribution networks that make broadcast content possible to any location on any device.

To explore more about Muvi Playout, take a 14-day Free Trial!

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Lavanya Lanka
Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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