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Working with Muvi #MyStory by Gayadhar Khilar

Admin Published on : 26 April 2021
Working with Muvi #MyStory by Gayadhar Khilar


Gayadhar leads the SRE(Site Reliability Engineering) & Professional service team at Muvi to maintain a stable and reliable platform. At the same time, he is responsible for maintaining accuracy in delivering the custom project. He works closely with customer success, infra DevOps & technical support team to meet the highest quality in product delivery and best-in-class business practices.

Recently we met him and asked about his experience so far with MUVI.  When we were having coffee virtually, lot of memories popped up and mesmerized us. Below are my questions and his answers.

  1. 2014 to 2021: 7 Years at Muvi! How has been the experience?

It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I have come across so many people during this time and a lot of learning experience from everyone around. I have started my career @ Muvi as  a Software Developer and from there on to Director(smiles ?). When I joined, Muvi had only 2-3 employees but now it’s 200+, So i can proudly say I have been a part of this growth. Throughout these years, I have personally learned a lot of things starting from enhancing my coding skills to nurture my management skills. 

The core philosophy of Muvi has been a true force. The fun work environment and performance over everything has been the reason behind Muvi’s success. No room for grapevines, a lot of policies and processes that make the whole organization structured and forward-looking. 

  1.   When you joined MUVI, it was new. What made you visualize your dreams with MUVI?

As rightly mentioned when I joined Muvi, it was new, So to be very honest I was a bit doubtful of my choice for the reasons quite obvious like 

  • It has very limited(<10) employees.
  • At that time we were working in a small room in an Apartment in BBSR. 
  • It was not at all giving any feeling of working in an office rather being stuck in a closed room. Very silent and calm. No one talks to each other. 

However, one thing was always there in my mind. One of my colleagues who has referred me to this organization had constant feedback that it’s a good organization. Then once I start working on the Muvi CMS project, I have the opportunity to talk with our CEO. He is quite humble and simple. That gave me strong positive feelings. After 2 -3 weeks of my joining, I got the opportunity to talk to one of our clients directly, and our CEO well backed it at that moment. From there on, we got our first big client MaaFlix (Maa TV), one of the biggest Media houses in south India & well backed by the biggest south Indian superstar Nagarjuna.  And then neither Muvi nor I looked back.

  1.   What’s the best thing that you love in MUVI?

There are many things I love about Muvi. But first would be the amazing Work Culture. I just love it. I find it to be one of the best work cultures so far I have worked on. Secondly, the  Ownership culture. You are the CEO of your own team, You have the full authority to take a decision in your team. It shows the trust and belief on the lead / manager the organization is putting in. Also, Muvi is a process-driven organization with structured policies for everything including how to conduct meetings. The objective is not to dictate but to optimally use the working hours of yours while valuing others time too.

Muvi - MyStory by Gayadhar Khilar

  1.   Job is a give and take. What you gave to MUVI and what you took from MUVI?

On the giving to Muvi, I  may not be able to tell exactly what I have given so far but one thing from my side is giving my 100% honest efforts & commitments to any tasks assigned to me. 

On Take: I think  the biggest take for me is winning the trust. It’s one of the biggest rewards I believe I have got from Muvi apart from the position or any award I got so far in this organization.

  1.   Most of the MNCs follow hierarchy but MUVI has a flat culture. Why is it so?

That’s the beauty of Muvi. I have the experience of working on both the working culture i.e. hierarchy and flat. I can say from my experience Flat working culture has much more benefits which i see in Muvi as well. It brings so much honesty, transparency, and sense of responsibility among employees. Flat culture also gives due credit to individual efforts thereby increasing competitiveness and ups the hunger to achieve more and better.

  1.   Where do you see yourself in MUVI in the coming days?

I am currently heading the Customer Success team. We’ve launched nearly six products last year which are performing way better than Muvi, our flagship product did in the initial days. So, a lot of responsibility to make our initial customers succeed in their endeavors which is the ultimate way to grow ourselves. Plus, I ensure my team achieves every bit of credit and success they deserve. In short, I am optimistic (smiles). 

MyStory by Gayadhar Khilar - Muvi

  1.   Any message for the people who want to join MUVI?

My message would be very simple to the people who want to join Muvi. If you are really serious about your career and want to explore all possible opportunities then Muvi would be one of the best places to work in. The platform is completely technology agnostic so you can work on any technologies you love to work on. It provides the best working environment and culture. If you are really talented no one would be able to hide or suppress your efforts here. You will get noticed and rewarded every time if you deserve it.

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