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Live Streaming Can Save Poker 17 November 2015

Many believe there will be a revolution in the industry similar to what television did decades ago to poker.

China Tightens The Screw On Foreign TV Content 17 November 2015

Video on demand streaming services are a rage with everybody these days. Its growing clout in China has always sent mixed signals to the administration which is not determined to regulate it.

TV Programmers Push Netflix For Promotions 16 November 2015

When you are on a VOD service such as¬†Netflix and you choose to stream a show, the show starts. There are however a few programs like the ABC drama ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ which introduce you to 4-second long snippets laced with actresses and the networks’s soundtrack. It is passable though.   But …

Are SVOD Services Killing Ad Revenues? 10 November 2015

With the growth of subscription driven streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, it has become a popular trend to come up with your own subscription service. It’s become almost the prime resort for broadcasters, content owners and telcos looking to launch their streaming service. While its all good on the customer, wonder how it will …

Chinese Online Video Market Is Heating Up With Strong Domestic Competition 10 November 2015

  Chinese internet consultants iResearch earlier reported that the Chinese online video market would reach a whopping RMB 36.8 billion (US$5.8 billion) in 2015 marking a 50 percent jump from 2014. About RMB 15.2 billion off that total value is coming from online video ads while the rest are from purchases and subscriptions.. Despite the …

AMC Backs Its Choking Strategy For Video Streamers 06 November 2015

  AMC network top brass has reaffirmed its stand on the company policy of making original programming available to OTT VOD services only a year after the linear broadcast. This announcement comes at a time when SVOD services like Netflix and Hulu are facing severe criticism for bringing down television ratings and has led to …

Spanish Telcos Are Blocking Out OTT Video Services 06 November 2015

  No, the OTT video platforms are not at all doing badly in Spain as you would be led to believe. Recent development are suggesting that telecom operators have been intentionally blocking the services that compete with their core offerings. Now subscribers have come out all guns blazing against VOD services like Netflix and Totalchannel …

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