How Sports Streaming is Shaping Up in the Future – A Median Outlook

Sports consumption has a very wider audience base. End-users can view a wide range of sporting event...

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Joint Strategies by TELCO-OTT Partnership

The collaboration between the streaming platform and telecom companies is at a turning point. The r...

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Automated Billing in SaaS Industry: A thorough Analysis

The SaaS industry is ever-growing and requires a dynamic billing system that can give it competitive...

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04 July 2018

Whitepaper: Reinventing OTT With Blockchain

Blockchain-powered transformation is inevitable, and the pace of experimentation and innovation is breathtaking. It’s understandable given that Blockchain will provide a business value-add of $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion by 2030 across industries. Blockchain technology has the potential … Continue reading

27 March 2017

Whitepaper: Securing Media Content

Piracy, copying and redistribution of videos are some common security threats content owners face while distributing their content to the mass audience. Hackers use web content tampering, stealing from the cache, stream ripping, player hijacking, deep linking, link sharing and … Continue reading

11 November 2016

What revenue model suits your business?

How and what to choose as your OTT business revenue strategy also depends on the understanding of your audience’s preferences. Considered carefully, the revenue model can be a very powerful tool defining the shape of your business’s success. A handbook … Continue reading

19 November 2015

Whitepaper: Maximize Your Video’s Potential With Muvi

A handbook to guide you in maximizing your video’s potential with Muvi Studio with one click, zero capital expenditure and in…minutes! Continue reading

10 November 2015

Whitepaper : Exploring OTT – Making The Best Of Your OTT Content

OTT services are growing fast. About times, content owners, broadcasters, telcos and networks get their OTT strategy right. Continue reading

Importance of User Types in a Streaming Platform’s Success

In this webinar, you will learn :

  • Different types of users in the streaming platform and their behaviors
  • Way to set up the best monetization strategy for different type of users by meeting their needs
  • Possible marketing options to cover these users and increase revenue

Upcoming Webinar

June 14

8:00 AM PST

  • Launch your OTT platform

    No coding. No revenue share.