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Enable/Disable Reviews & Ratings

Muvi One’s “Ratings and Reviews” option can be turned on or off depending on your requirements. You can turn it on to invite genuine comments; or if this option is being abused, you can turn it off or configure moderation rights to manage comments suitably.

Moderate Reviews & Ratings

Muvi One empowers you with a powerful admin panel that not only helps you prevent misuse but also helps you moderate the entire module. This means that only registered users can be allowed to express their views and opinions and in case of abuse and misuse by means of spamming or misinformation, you can easily take actions like deleting comments, banning the user, and editing their comments instantly from the admin panel.

Content Recommendations

With Muvi One’s ratings and reviews feature, you can offer personalized content recommendations based on specific users' review history, ratings, and viewing habits. This will help them get a better user experience.


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Add Comments

Just like ratings, comments help a user give feedback about the content or product they have just consumed or bought. With Muvi One’s comments module, platform owners can get comment moderation tools to edit, approve, delete, or ban uses with the intention of abusing this option and harming the environment.

Reporting and Analytics

With Muvi One, you can offer insights into user engagement with reviews, helping content creators and administrators understand viewer preferences.

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