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Email Newsletters & Communications with your audience

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Unique content, compelling platform design and eye-catching headers are all part of the equation when it comes to acquiring users via Email Marketing. No other marketing strategy or platform is still as effective as Email Marketing.

Muvi has seamlessly integrated Email Marketing functionality into its Video and Audio Streaming Platform allowing owners to notify their subscribers of future new releases, Content updates, Offers and discounts, newsletters etc making it easy for viewers to stay updated with Platform.

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  • Send Alerts
  • Multiple Language
  • Newsletter
  • New Release & Updates
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Plans and Pricing

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Notify Users


What if you add new content to your platform and your users aren’t aware of your current broadcast list? Stay updated with your platform users but notifying them with the latest releases and updated content from your platform. Frequent interaction with platforms users will help build relationship and retaining users.

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Polyglot Email Marketing


We understand the value of an email and the importance of email campaign to aware your customers about new features, content updates, release version etc. Therefore we have integrated a multi-language email marketing functionality to our video and audio streaming platform wherein you stay connected with your customers and they never stay uninitiated about any update. We believe in glocalization and we empower you to connect with your customers in your preferred language.

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Offers and Discounts


Use the Email Marketing medium to capture viewer base by providing offers and discounts to your video and audio streaming platform. Users love offers received via Email. Sending discounts via Emails can help boost monetization of your video and audio streaming platform.

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What is the cost of a particular content from your video and audio streaming platform or whether do you offer any monthly/quarterly /yearly plans? These questions can be well notified to your users by providing them a Weekly or Monthly newsletter of your platform.

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