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Muvi lets your users keep their most preferred content in one place. They can mark content as favorites and consume later. This is one sure way to let them keep their favorite titles at an arm’s length, and they don’t have to spend minutes in browsing through your vast library and then decide what they want to watch or listen or buy.

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  • Bookmark
  • Add/Remove Favorites
  • Support Audio & Video
  • Add to Wish List

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Muvi can configure a bookmark tab, which will contain all bookmarked titles. Users can simply bookmark any content that intrigues their interest while browsing through and then come to it later.

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Add/Remove Favorites


As a platform owner, you can also create a “My Favorites” list where users can add a title that they like and can consume multiple times. Similarly, they can remove a title from the list once they have gotten bored of it.


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Support Audio & Video


The “My Favorites” list can accommodate both audio and video content on the same interface. Be it music or movies, users can turn to the list and enjoy both by their turn.

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Add to Wish List


Favorites also extend to non-media content, that is physical goods. Built on Muvi Kart, you can also provide a “Wish List” to which users can add their desired physical products on your e-store.



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