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Enable offline viewing on your streaming service with Muvi

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Watching on-the-go is no longer a differentiating feature, it’s rather a hygiene. With faster internet connections, “everywhere-streaming” has become the trend that viewers seem to be enjoying. But what when there is no connectivity!

Many OTT businesses are therefore taking the streaming experience much further by enabling “Offline Viewing”, and the Muvi platform also supports this feature. You can deliver your content on devices without internet connectivity, offer it in multiple resolutions, and regulate the validity of the content as well.

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  • Requires No Interenet Connection
  • Available in Multiple Resolutions
  • Set File Expiry

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Subtitle Support For Downloaded Videos

Don’t let accent discourage your audience from binge-watching. We support subtitles in DRM player for already downloaded videos. “Offline viewing and subtitle support”- Binge Watching at its best.

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Available in Multiple Resolutions

Viewers have the option to pick the video resolution while downloading the video from your app for “offline viewing”. However, this option was not available for DRM enabled content. With this update now even, your DRM enabled content will be provided with a multiple-resolution picker to your viewers to further enhance their viewing experience.

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Set File Expiry

Platform owners can now control when to expire a video from users’ devices when it is downloaded for “offline viewing”. This control ensures that a video is not indefinitely stored onto a user’s device and it must get automatically deleted after a certain “watch period”.

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