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Manage multiple content partners at ease

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Do you license content from multiple content partners? Is it a task to share reports on content views and revenue with them on a regular basis? Is adding and updating content from your content partners a long and tedious process? Muvi’s Partner Portal allows you to add content partners to your platform and you can empower them to add and update content, upload videos and audio, view reports on content views and track the revenues generated from their videos and audio in real time.

Muvi’s Partner Portal is completely secure and you can control and restricted the access via our access rights manager as well. A partner will never be able to access sections that is not within their rights.

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  • Add / Edit Content Partners
  • Add & Upload Videos and Audio Content
  • View Revenue Reports
  • Provide View-Only Access
  • Reports & Analytics

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White Label Portal


Muvi offers you a completely White-label Partner Portal without any mention of Muvi Logo or branding on the portal just like our platform. Your partners will goto your domain to access the partner portal, and you have full rights to add your Logo to the portal and provide access to partners for various needs like uploading content, track content views, monitoring revenue and more.

white-label partner portal for OTT platform

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Muvi OTT Platform Security Features

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Multiple Logins


No matter how many content partners you have, Muvi allows you to create and share personal logins with them so that they can run and managed their own self-managed content sections on your platform! No need to worry about content coordinations, sending excel reports and any manual work, let our Self Managed portal take care of everything by putting the onus on your partners to run everything from their own end.

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Content View Reports


Tracking the performance of their video and audio content is a crucial part for any content partner. They require timely reports and are keen on seeing how their video and audio content are doing on your platform. Allow your content partners to access reports like content views from their partner portal itself so that they get real time update about their content and won't need to call or bother you with the analysis.

tracking performance on Muvi OTT Platform

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performance details on Muvi VoD Platform

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Custom columns


With Muvi’s analytics, platform owners can add custom columns to monitor & analyse video & platform performance efficiently. Admins can add custom fields such as Duration, Views, Unique Views and much more in analytics reports.

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Revenue Reports


With Muvi’s ability to tag a content partner to the videos and audio they provide and also the ability to define revenue share for the content partner, it becomes very easy for you to share revenue reports to your partners without worrying about any excels, downloads and calculations at your end. Let Muvi automate this entire process for you and allow you to provide a very transparent and real-time revenue reports to your partners, so that they can track and are aware of the revenue they make from your platform at any given point in time.


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