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Muvi presents Recommendation Engine, an AI-driven extension that keeps a tab on user activities and recommends customized content to individual subscribers. Your customers are served with a personalized streaming experience that is curated by an array of user behaviors such as viewing history, content browsing trend, streaming pattern, preferred content format, time of day a content was streamed, preference of genre etc. And the icing on the cake is, it works on all types of content and metadata! Witness the user engagement you always desired for. Unlock the power of AI right from your Muvi CMS and ensure optimum user satisfaction by serving the ideal content to the ideal user.

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  • AI-driven
  • One Touch Enablement
  • No Background Building
  • Activity-based Recommendation
  • Choice-based Recommendation
  • Scalable
  • Powered by Alie

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Block Entire Website and App

One Touch Enablement


No need to scratch your head thinking how to integrate the recommendation engine. All you need to do is enable it right from the “Manage Content” section of your Muvi CMS. Let the power of artificial intelligence unfold.

muvi features artificial intelligence

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Muvi’s powerful recommendation engine

Block Individual Content

No Background Building


Worried about how to build the database for each user to recommend customized content? Sit back & relax. Muvi’s powerful recommendation engine does not want any manual insertion of data from your side. Your users get content recommendation basing on their past streaming history. The advanced algorithm grasps previous user behavior and data right after the enablement and starts recommending the ideal content to ideal users minus any manual data upload.

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Whitelist / Blacklist IPs

Activity-based Recommendation


Start recommending content to your users basing on their daily content navigation. Muvi’s recommendation engine uses machine learning which tracks your users’ time of login to sign out and showcase their favorite content which they cannot resist to click and stream.

activity based content recommendation by Muvi Alie AI

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Muvi recommendation engine on OTT platforms

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Choice-based Recommendation


Unleash the brilliance of Muvi recommendation engine that is the brainchild of a bunch of data scientists who have rich experience of studying and analyzing netizens’ behavior across leading OTT platforms. So, let the unique algorithm, process and reprocess each user data and decide the perfect content for your users based on their respective likes and interests - an ambitious feature turned to reality by the AI-powered recommendation engine.

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Restrict Content Download



Recommend content to each and every user on your platform that too with perfection. Irrespective of the traffic and number of page views, the recommendation engine delivers customized content relevant to the user’s query and taste.

recommendation engine delivers customized content to users

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